Top 10 Largest Cities in the US

The 10 largest cities in the United States are home to millions of people from all over the world, and they represent a wide range of cultures, industries, and lifestyles. From New York City's global financial centre to Los Angeles' entertainment industry to Chicago's world-class museums, these cities have something to offer everyone. Explore the top 10 largest cities in the US and learn about their history, culture, and attractions.
Top 10 Largest Cities in the US
Top 10 Largest Cities in the US

The United States is a vast and diverse country with 50 states containing a population of 331.9 million. It is the third-most populous country after India and China. 

The country carries cities that range in size from small towns to sprawling metropolises.  The US is also known to be one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.

Population and economic development are often inextricably linked, with population growth driving economic growth and vice versa. 

As a result, some of the largest cities in the United States are also densely populated.

According to the World Population Review, the 10 largest cities in the United States by population are:



New York 

8.8 Million

Los Angeles

4 Million


2.7 Million


2.3 Million


1.6 Million


1.6 Million

San Antonio

1.4 Million

San Diego

1.3 Million


1.3 Million

San Jose

1 Million

According to Ballot Pedia, the largest city in the United States by the 2020 census is New York with a population of 8,804,190. 

1. New York 


New York City is known as a global centre for finance, culture, and media. The city is home to New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and many other financial institutions. 

It is also a major center for the arts, with museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History. 

New York City is also home to Broadway, one of the most famous theatre districts in the world.

People from all over the globe call this city as their home, and it combines many cultures. New York City is also known for a large number of immigrations. 

2. Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known to be the Hollywood film industry. Many of the largest and most successful film studios in the world are located in the city that includes Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures. 

Los Angeles is also home to thriving television industry, and many popular TV shows are filmed in the city.

The city is known for its laid-back lifestyle and its sunny weather. It has a diverse population, and people from all over the world come to Los Angeles to enjoy its beaches, its outdoor activities, and atmosphere.

3. Chicago


Chicago is the third-most populous city in the United States. It is known to be a major centre for finance, commerce, industry, technology, education, and culture. 

Chicago is also a major transportation hub, with O'Hare International Airport being one of the busiest airports in the world.

Chicago is home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which is one of the largest futures exchanges in the world. 

It is also home to the Chicago Board of Trade, which is one of the largest options exchanges in the world.

4. Houston


Source: Travel+Leisure

Houston is known as the energy capital of the world because it is home to many of the world's largest energy companies, including ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Schlumberger. 

Houston is also a major centre for the oil and gas industry, and it is home to the Houston Ship Channel, which is one of the busiest ports in the United States.  

The city is also home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the world's largest medical centre. The Texas Medical Center is home to 21 hospitals, 4 medical schools, and 8 academic research institutes. Houston is also a major centre for biotechnology and medical device manufacturing. 

5. Phoenix


Source: Visit Arizona

Phoenix is a rapidly growing city in the desert southwest of the United States. It is the capital of Arizona and the fifth-largest city in the country. 

Phoenix is known for its warm weather, its outdoor recreation opportunities, and its affordable cost of living.

Phoenix is a popular destination for tourists and retirees alike. The city is home to a number of attractions, including the Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Heard Museum.

Phoenix is also a major centre for professional sports, with the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), the Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), the Phoenix Suns (NBA), and the Arizona Coyotes (NHL) all calling the city home.

6. Philadelphia


Philadelphia is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage. It is also a major centre for education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The city is the birthplace of American democracy. It is home to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were signed. 

Philadelphia is also home to many other historic sites, such as the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, and Elfreth's Alley.


7. San Antonio


Source: Expedia

San Antonio is a vibrant city in south-central Texas with a mix of Mexican and American cultures. 

It is known for its River Walk, a network of walkways along the San Antonio River lined with shops, restaurants, and bars; its Spanish missions, four of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites; and its Alamo, a historic Spanish mission and fortress that was the site of a pivotal battle in the Texas Revolution. 

San Antonio is also a major centre for tourism, business, and education. It is home to the San Antonio Spurs NBA team, the San Antonio Missions minor league baseball team, and the UTSA Roadrunners NCAA Division I athletics program. 

San Antonio is also home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Valero Energy and USAA.

8. San Diego


Source: TripSavvy

San Diego is a coastal city in Southern California with a Mediterranean climate. It is known for its beaches, its parks, and its zoo. 

The city has a population of over 1.3 million people and is the eighth-largest city in the United States.

San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and other water activities.

9. Dallas


Source: Dallas TX

Dallas is a major financial and commercial centre in the United States. Dallas is home to many Fortune 500 companies, including ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Southwest Airlines took its first flight in 1971 from this city.

In addition to its financial and commercial significance, Dallas is also home to a world-class arts and culture scene. 

Dallas is home to many museums, including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. 

Dallas is also home to a vibrant theatre scene, with many Broadway shows and musicals coming to Dallas each year.

10. San Jose


Source: Mariott Bonvoy Traveller

San Jose is a major centre for technology. It is home to many of the world's leading technology companies, including Apple, Google, and Adobe. 

San Jose is also home to many venture capital firms and startup companies. The technology industry has a major impact on the San Jose economy. 

It is the largest employer in the city, and it accounts for a significant portion of the city's tax revenue. The technology industry also helps to attract and retain talented workers to San Jose.

In addition to its economic importance, the technology industry also has a major impact on San Jose culture. 

San Jose is a city that is always at the forefront of innovation, and it is a place where people come to make their dreams come true.

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