[Latest] ICC ODI Team Ranking 2023: Men’s Cricket Team Standings, Rating and Points

 ICC ODI Team Rankings: The primary objective of ICC ODI Team rankings is to provide a fair and transparent system for ranking international cricket teams based on their performances in ODI matches. 

Mohammad Jazib
Nov 8, 2023, 16:46 IST
Updated ICC ODI Team Ranking 2023: Men’s Cricket Team Standings, Rating and Points
Updated ICC ODI Team Ranking 2023: Men’s Cricket Team Standings, Rating and Points

To objectively assess the performance of international cricket teams, the International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the ICC ODI Team rankings. These rankings serve as a reliable barometer of a team's standing in the world of limited-overs cricket.

ICC ODI Team Rankings 2023 (Men’s)

The race for supremacy in the ODI Team Rankings has seen a fierce battle in recent times, with India, Pakistan, and Australia vying for the coveted top position. This intense competition played out notably during the recently concluded Asia Cup and Australia's ODI series against South Africa.

— ICC (@ICC) September 23, 2023

India's ascendancy in the world of cricket now transcends all formats, firmly establishing their supremacy. They currently hold the coveted No.1 ranking in Tests and T20Is, solidifying their position as a powerhouse in international cricket.

1 India 52 53 54
2 Australia 38 4,318 114
3 South Africa 32 3,550 111
4 Pakistan 35 3,874 111
5 New Zealand 41 4,189 102
6 England 36 3,509 97
7 Sri Lanka 46 4,082 89
8 Bangladesh 43 3,772 88
9 Afghanistan 28 2,408 86
10 West Indies 38 2,582 68

Who Developed the ICC Team Rankings?

David Kendix developed the MRF Tyres ICC Team Rankings as a rating system to assess men's teams participating in Test, One-Day International, and Twenty20 International formats, as well as women's teams competing in One-Day International and Twenty20 International cricket. This rating system calculates the ranking by dividing the points achieved by the total points possible for the match/series and rounds off the answer to the nearest whole number.

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How are the ICC ODI Team Rankings Calculated?

Every time two teams engage in another match, the rankings table undergoes updates according to the ratings of the teams immediately before the match. To calculate the new ratings after a specific match, first, ascertain the points earned from the match:

If the difference in ratings between the two teams before the match was less than 40 points:

  • Win: Add 50 points to the opponent's rating.
  • Tie: Use the opponent's rating as the points earned.
  • Lose: Deduct 50 points from the opponent's rating.

If the difference in ratings between the two teams before the match was at least 40 points:

  • Stronger team wins: Add 10 points to its rating.
  • Weaker team loses: Deduct 10 points from its rating.
  • Stronger team ties: Deduct 40 points from its rating.
  • Weaker team ties: Add 40 points to its rating.
  • Stronger team loses: Deduct 90 points from its rating.
  • Weaker team wins: Add 90 points to its rating.

To determine the new ratings, add the match points scored to the points already obtained from previous matches (as reflected in the Table), increase the number of matches played by one, and then calculate the new rating. The base ratings were initially assigned to teams when the system was established. Each team's rating is determined by dividing its total points scored by the total matches played, without considering series significance in these calculations.


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