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    List of largest glaciers of the world

    Glaciers are the biggest source of Freshwater on the Earth. Many of these have formed in the previous Ice Age that prevailed on the planet. Glacial basins cover almost 26% of the Earth's land surface outside of Greenland and Antarctica. Take a look at the list of glaciers below
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    Largest glaciers of the world
    Largest glaciers of the world

    A glacier is a large persistent body of dense ice that moves with its own weight. These are formed over many centuries and are huge bodies of fresh water sources for the world. Glaciers and Icebergs together form most of the Earth's fresh water. 

    Glaciers cover mountain ranges in the polar and other areas as well. 

    Snow needs to remain in one location and transform into ice for the glaciers to form. The movement of glaciers is similar to very slow rivers. Polar Glaciers are generally the remnants of the last ice age. Maximum glaciers are located in Greenland, Antarctica, Canadian Arctic region etc. 

    Largest/Longest Glaciers of the world:

    Take  a look at some of the longest glaciers of the world including the polar regions. 

    Glacier Name


    Location and Feature

    Lambert Fisher Glacier

    400 km or 250 miles

    Antarctica, the largest glacier of the world

    Hubbard Glacier

    122 km or 75 miles

    Alaska, a tidewater glacier and, despite global warming, is expanding. Largest in N America.

    Fedchenko Glacier

    77 km or 48 miles

    Tajikistan, one of the largest non polar glacier, in Karakoram

    Siachen Glacier

    75 km or 47 miles

    India, highest, deadliest and costliest battlefield

    Biafo Glacier

    67 km or 42 miles

    Pakistan, Meltwater from the Biafo Glacier flows to the Indus River

    Bruggen Glacier

    66 km or 41 miles

    Chile, advanced about 5 kilometers, and cut Lake Greve from the sea

    Baltoro Glacier

    62 km or 39 miles

    Pakistan, source of the Shigar River

    South Inylchek Glacier

    61 km or 37 miles

    Kyrgyzstan and China, located in Central Tian Shan Mountains in the Issyk-Kul Region

    Jostedal Glacier

    60 km or 37 miles

    Norway, 9th largest glacier in the world

    Batura Glacier

    56 km or 35 miles

    Pakistan, Gojal region of Gilgit-Baltistan

    Margerie Glacier

    34 km or 21 miles

    Alaska, Glacier Bay Park 

    Perito Moreno Glacier

    30 km or 18.6 miles

    Argentina, third largest reserve of freshwater in the world.

    Gangotri Glacier

    30 km or 19 miles

    India and China, one of the largest glaciers of the Himalayas

    Fox and Franz Josef Glacier

    25 km or 15.5 miles

    New Zealand, descend from the Southern Alps to a temperate rainforest full of greenery and lushness

    Pasterze Glacier

    8.4 km

    Austria, biggest glacier in Austria 

    The world's longest glacier is the Lambert Glacier. It was discovered by an Australian aircraft crew in Australian Antarctic Territory in 1956/57. 

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    Fedchenko Glacier happens to be one of the largest non-polar glaciers in the world and is located in Tajikistan.The Fedchenko Glacier originates in the Revolution Peak ice field. There are many such glaciers that are of great significance to the Earth due to the amount of water these with hold. Go through the topics shared above for a better knowledge in geography. 

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