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List of largest lakes of the World

05-JUL-2017 17:39

    A Lake is a body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land. Some of these lakes are formed by glaciers coercion or intimidation into the ground and some are created when river valleys are blocked by dams. Here, we are giving the list of the largest lakes of the World that will help the readers for enhancing general knowledge.


    1. Caspian Sea

    Location: Azerbaijan-Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran

    Area: 394,299 Sq. Km   

    Length: 1,199 km

    Maximum Depth: 946 m

    2. Superior

    Location: U.S.-Canada

    Area: 82,414 Sq. Km

    Length: 616    km

    Maximum Depth: 406 m

    3. Victoria

    Location: Tanzania-Uganda

    Area: 69,485 Sq. Km

    Length: 322   km

    Maximum Depth: 82 m

    4. Huron

    Location: U.S.-Canada

    Area: 59,596 Sq. Km

    Length: 397   km

    Maximum Depth: 229 m

    5. Michigan

    Location: U.S.

    Area: 58,016 Sq. Km

    Length: 517   km

    Maximum Depth: 281 m       

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    6. Aral

    Location: Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan

    Area: 33,800 Sq. Km

    Length:  428 km 

    Maximum Depth: 68 m

    7. Tanganyika

    Location: Tanzania-Congo

    Area:  32,893 Sq. Km

    Length:  676 km 

    Maximum Depth: 1,435 m

    8. Baikal

    Location: Russia

    Area: 31,500 Sq. Km

    Length:  636 km 

    Maximum Depth: 1,741 m

    9. Great Bear

    Location: Canada

    Area:  31,080 Sq. Km

    Length:   373 km

    Maximum Depth:  82 m                  

    10. Nyasa

    Location: Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania

    Area: 30,044 Sq. Km

    Length:   579 km

    Maximum Depth: 706 m       

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    11. Great Slave

    Location: Canada

    Area: 28,930 Sq. Km

    Length: 480 km  

    Maximum Depth: 614 m

    12. Chad

    Location: Chad-Niger-Nigeria

    Area:  25,760 Sq. Km    

    Maximum Depth:  7 m 

    13. Erie

    Location: U.S.-Canada

    Area: 25,719 Sq. Km

    Length: 388 km  

    Maximum Depth: 64 m

    14. Winnipeg

    Location: Canada

    Area: 23,553 Sq. Km

    Length: 425 km  

    Maximum Depth:  62 m                  

    15. Ontario

    Location: U.S-Canada

    Area: 19,477 Sq. Km

    Length: 311 km  

    Maximum Depth: 237 m

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    16. Balkhash

    Location: Kazakhstan

    Area: 18,428 Sq. Km

    Length: 605 km  

    Maximum Depth: 27 m

    17. Ladoga

    Location: Russia

    Area: 18,130 Sq. Km

    Length: 200 km  

    Maximum Depth: 225 m                 

    18. Onega

    Location: Russia

    Area: 9,891 Sq. Km

    Length: 248 km  

    Maximum Depth: 110 m

    19. Titicaca

    Location: Bolivia-Peru

    Area:  8,135 Sq. Km

    Length: 177 km  

    Maximum Depth: 370 m

    20. Nicaragua

    Location: Nicaragua

    Area:  8,001 Sq. Km

    Length:  177 km 

    Maximum Depth:  70 m

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    21. Athabaska

    Location: Canada

    Area: 7,920 Sq. Km

    Length:  335 km 

    Maximum Depth: 124 m

    22. Rudolf

    Location: Kenya

    Area: 6,405 Sq. Km

    Length: 248   km

    23. Reindeer

    Location: Canada

    Area: 6,330 Sq. Km

    Length: 245   km

    24. Eyre

    Location: South Australia

    Area:  6,216 Sq. Km

    Length:   209 km

    25. Issyk-Kul

    Location: Kyrgyzstan

    Area:  6,200 Sq. Km

    Length:   182 km

    Maximum Depth: 700 m

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    26. Urmia

    Location: Iran

    Area: 6,001 Sq. Km

    Length:   130 km

    Maximum Depth: 15 m

    27. Torrens

    Location: South Australia

    Area:  5,698 Sq. Km

    Length:    209 km

    28. Vanern

    Location: Sweden

    Area: 5,545 Sq. Km

    Length:   140 km

    Maximum Depth:  98 m

    29. Winnipegosis

    Location: Canada

    Area:  5,403 Sq. Km

    Length:   245 km

    Maximum Depth:  18 m

    30. Mobutu Sese Seko

    Location: Uganda

    Area:  5,299 Sq. Km

    Length:   161 km

    Maximum Depth:  55 m

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    31. Nettilling

    Location: Baffin Island, Canada

    Area:  5,051 Sq. Km

    Length:   113 km

    32. Nipigon

    Location: Canada

    Area:  4,843 Sq. Km

    Length:   116 km

    33. Manitoba

    Location: Canada

    Area: 4,706 Sq. Km

    Length:  225 km 

    Maximum Depth: 7 m

    34. Great Salt

    Location: U.S.

    Area:  4,662 Sq. Km

    Length:   121 km

    Maximum Depth: 5–8 m                 

    35. Kioga

    Location: Uganda

    Area:  4,403 Sq. Km

    Length:   80 km  

    Maximum Depth:  9 m

    In the above list of the largest lakes of the world contains the location, area, length and the maximum depth of the lakes for general awareness.

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