List of Most Productive Countries in the World

02-JUN-2017 17:13

    The productivity, according to the economics is defined as the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labour per unit of time. When it comes to Country’s economic health then GDP is the only prime indicator. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the sum total of the value of all final commodities and services produced within the geographical boundary of a country during a period of time.

    GDP and Productivity

    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the list of countries with higher productivity rankings on the basis of country's GDP per hour worked. The report reveals that working hour is not only the component for increased productivity, but also the environment because it builds the correlation between employee attitude and workplace motivation. Here, we are giving the list of Most Productive Countries in the World by comparing GDP per hour worked, Average work week (hrs) and Employed Population.

    List of Most Productive Countries in the World

    1. Luxembourg

    GDP per hour worked: $ 93.4

    Employed Population: 405,600      

    GDP (USD): $57b

    Average work week (hrs): 29

    2. Ireland

    GDP per hour worked: $ 87.3

    Employed Population: 1,989,400   

    GDP (USD): $302b        

    Average work week (hrs): 33.5

    3. Norway

    GDP per hour worked:  $ 81.3        

    Employed Population:  2,753,000

    GDP (USD): $318b        

    Average work week (hrs): 27.3

    4. Belgium

    GDP per hour worked:  $ 69.7        

    Employed Population: 4,601,200

    GDP (USD): $498b        

    Average work week (hrs): 29.8

    5. United States America

    GDP per hour worked: $ 68.3

    Employed Population: 151,000,000         

    GDP (USD): $18,037b   

    Average work week (hrs): 33.6

    6. Denmark

    GDP per hour worked: $ 67.6

    Employed Population: 2,829,000

    GDP (USD): $270b        

    Average work week (hrs): 27.2

    7. France

    GDP per hour worked:  $ 65.6        

    Employed Population:  27,523,000

    GDP (USD): $2,648b     

    Average work week (hrs): 28.2

    8. Germany

    GDP per hour worked: $ 65.5

    Employed Population:  43,057,000

    GDP (USD): $3,857b     

    Average work week (hrs): 26.3

    9. Netherlands

    GDP per hour worked: $ 65.4

    Employed Population:  8,792,000

    GDP (USD): $818b        

    Average work week (hrs): 27.4

    10. Switzerland

    GDP per hour worked: $ 64.2

    Employed Population:  4,962,600

    GDP (USD): $506b        

    Average work week (hrs): 30.6

    Global Poverty Scenario

    11. Austria

    GDP per hour worked: $ 60.2

    Employed Population:  4,290,700

    GDP (USD): $415b        

    Average work week (hrs): 30.9

    12. Sweden

    GDP per hour worked: $ 59.1

    Employed Population:  4,809,700

    GDP (USD): $458b        

    Average work week (hrs): 31

    13. Finland

    GDP per hour worked: $ 54.8

    Employed Population:  2,497,400

    GDP (USD): $225b        

    Average work week (hrs): 31.6

    14. Australia

    GDP per hour worked:  $ 54.6        

    Employed Population:  11,860,000

    GDP (USD): $1,101b     

    Average work week (hrs): 32.7

    15. United Kingdom

    GDP per hour worked: $ 52.1

    Employed Population:  31,293,000

    GDP (USD): $2,701b     

    Average work week (hrs): 31.9

    16. Italy

    GDP per hour worked: $ 51.9

    Employed Population: 24,476,100 

    GDP (USD): $2,191b     

    Average work week (hrs): 33.1

    17. Spain

    GDP per hour worked: $ 51   

    Employed Population: 18,490,800 

    GDP (USD): $1,594b     

    Average work week (hrs): 32.5

    18. Canada

    GDP per hour worked: $ 50.9         

    Employed Population: 18,285,700

    GDP (USD): $1,589b     

    Average work week (hrs): 32.8

    19. Iceland

    GDP per hour worked: $ 45.1

    Employed Population: 183,700

    GDP (USD): $16b          

    Average work week (hrs): 36.1

    20. Japan

    GDP per hour worked: $ 41.9

    Employed Population: 65,801,200

    GDP (USD): $4,741b     

    Average work week (hrs): 33.1

    21. New Zealand

    GDP per hour worked: $ 40.9

    Employed Population: 2,360,600   

    GDP (USD): $170b        

    Average work week (hrs): 33.8

    22. Slovenia

    GDP per hour worked: $ 40.4

    Employed Population: 941,500

    GDP (USD): $64b          

    Average work week (hrs): 32.5

    23. Israel

    GDP per hour worked: $ 40.3

    Employed Population: 3,947,100

    GDP (USD): $300b        

    Average work week (hrs): 36.3

    24. Slovak Republic

    GDP per hour worked: $ 39.7

    Employed Population: 2,267,100

    GDP (USD): $158b        

    Average work week (hrs): 33.7

    25. Czech Republic

    GDP per hour worked: $ 38   

    Employed Population: 5,179,700

    GDP (USD): $346b        

    Average work week (hrs): 33.8

    26. Portugal

    GDP per hour worked: $ 35.4

    Employed Population: 4,575,800

    GDP (USD): $303b        

    Average work week (hrs): 35.9

    27. Greece

    GDP per hour worked: $ 35.3

    Employed Population: 4,019,800

    GDP (USD): $288b        

    Average work week (hrs): 39.1

    28. Hungary

    GDP per hour worked: $ 33.5

    Employed Population: 4,327,500

    GDP (USD): $254b        

    Average work week (hrs): 33.6

    29. Lithuania

    GDP per hour worked: $ 32.6

    Employed Population: 1,334,700

    GDP (USD): $81b          

    Average work week (hrs): 35.8

    30. Korea

    GDP per hour worked: $ 31.9

    Employed Population: 25,936,300

    GDP (USD): $1,749b     

    Average work week (hrs): 40.7

    31. Estonia

    GDP per hour worked: $ 31.6

    Employed Population:  622,900

    GDP (USD): $36b

    Average work week (hrs): 35.6

    32. Latvia

    GDP per hour worked: $ 28.3

    Employed Population: 887,900

    GDP (USD): $48b

    Average work week (hrs): 36.7

    33. Chile

    GDP per hour worked: $ 25.9

    Employed Population: 7,802,200

    GDP (USD): $402b        

    Average work week (hrs): 38.2

    34. Russia

    GDP per hour worked: $ 25.1

    Employed Population: 72,187,700

    GDP (USD): $3,580b     

    Average work week (hrs): 38

    35. Mexico

    GDP per hour worked: $ 20.3

    Employed Population: 50,262,900

    GDP (USD): $2,188b     

    Average work week (hrs): 41.2

    In the above list of Most Productive Countries in the World will give quick overview that working hours are not the only reason for the productivity but the environment also play a vital role.

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