List of Top Proposed wind farm areas

General Knowledge Lists: Following is the list of Top Proposed wind farm areas
Created On: May 27, 2013 12:59 IST
Wind Farm Total
Blekinge Offshore 2,500  Sweden
Korea Offshore 2,500  South Korea
Moray Firth 1,300  United Kingdom
Creyke Beck A 1,200  United Kingdom
Creyke Beck B 1,200  United Kingdom
East Anglia (formerly Norkfolk Bank) 1,200  United Kingdom
Irish Sea 1,200  United Kingdom
Teesside A 1,200  United Kingdom
Teesside B 1,200  United Kingdom
Triton Knoll 1,200  United Kingdom
Bristol Channel 1,000  United Kingdom
Fukushima Farm 1,000  Japan
Hornsea 1,000  United Kingdom

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