List of Tribal Revolts in Bihar

The Tribal Revolts of Bihar were mostly unorganized, localized, and periodic mainly against Britishers' exploitative behavior towards tribes and tribal lands. Here, we have provided the list of ‘Tribal Revolt of Bihar’ along with the date, people associated with the revolt, nature objective of the revolt, etc.
List of Tribal Revolt in Bihar
List of Tribal Revolt in Bihar

The Tribal Revolts of Bihar was initiated as early as the initial decades of the 19th Century. The essence of such revolts was often localized as well as unorganized. Instead of tribal land ownership and even the sale of land to outsiders, revolts were primarily against the persecution of British citizens. The aim of this post is to provide you with a complete list of major tribal revolts, along with the basic details of the revolt.

List of Tribal Revolt in Bihar

Name of Revolts

Description of Revolt

Ho and Munda Uprisings

Date: 1820, 1827, 1899, 1900, 1860-1920

People associated with revolt: Raja Parhat

Nature & Objective:  Against Britishers new land revenue policy

Kol Uprisings

Date: 1831-32

People associated: Budhu Bhagat, Vinda Rai, and Surga Munda

Nature & Objective: Against expansion of British rule on Kol land and transfer of their land to outsiders like Sikh and Muslim farmers.

Bhumij Revolt

Date: 1832-1833

People associated: Ganga Narayan

Nature & Objective: Against land revenue policy of Britishers.

Santhal Uprising

Date: 1855-56

People associated: Sidhu, Kanhu, Bhairo & Chand

Nature & Objective: Against the exploitative Zamindars and moneylenders.

 Sapha Hor Revolt

Date: 1870

People associated: Baba Bhagirath Manjhi, Lal Hembram & Paica Murmu

Nature &  Objective : Against restriction on religious sentiment

Munda Revolt

Date: 1899-1900

People associated : Birsa Munda

Nature &  Objective : Against alienation of tribal land due to Forest Regulation Act of 1865

Tana Bhagat Movement

Date: 1914

People associated: Oraon started the movement and Jatra Bhagat was the main leader

Nature & Objective: Against moneylenders and contractors.

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