Math riddles with answers: In love with fruits? This unique math riddle will excite you!

Helping children learn with their favorite fruit is a smart technique. Presenting an exciting and juicy math riddle for you!
Fun math riddle with answer!
Fun math riddle with answer!

Who said learning is only possible with the help of heavy textbooks? A very wise man once said that we can learn from practically anything in life. The pillow that you sleep on teaches us to carry on work pressure while offering comfort to others, the sun teaches us to burn until you shine bright, your table teaches you to stay firm on the ground or you will lose balance, the trees you see in your garden teach you to remain firm and strong, even in stormy weathers.


Basically, a good learner can learn from practically anything in life.


We know that our readers are brilliant learners, and thus we have brought to you today this exciting math riddle that involves fruits!


Yes, you heard it right!


Which is your favorite fruit? Do you link oranges, or do you like juicy watermelons, or is mango your go-to fruit for summer afternoons? Whatever your choice is, we have all these three fruits in this juicy math riddle.


Wait, did you read the rules?


The rules


Every good thing in life demands something in return. This holds true for this exciting math riddle coming ahead, too. 


The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is take out your phone and set a timer for 40 seconds. Yes, you have only 40 seconds to solve this math riddle.


Does this sound impossible? Well, it may get tricky to solve this math riddle in just 40 seconds but it is not impossible.


No worries! We won’t leave you leading a sleepless night in confusion. In the end, we will be revealing the answer to the riddle. Now that we can sense your breath of relief, it’s time for you to set the timer on your phone!




Here you go!


Could you get the right answer?


The answer is pretty simple but requires keen alertness.


Need some more time? Well, we are not your strict school math teachers! You can take a few more seconds, even if the timer asks you to stop!


Still didn’t get the answer? No worries. As we stated earlier, we are not your school math teachers, nor are you giving an exam here, thus, you can check the answer with a calm mind.


Are you ready?


Here is the answer!



The answer to the math riddle is 100.


Going nuts? Here is the explanation you need.

Only a genius can find a caterpillar among sushi rolls in 7 seconds. Can you?



Let’s solve it by forming some equations.





This means that,


3 multiplied by ORANGE is 90.



ORANGE = 30.





This implies that,


30 + 4 X WATERMELON = 230


This means that,






MANGO + 2 X 50 + 30 = 210


MANGO + 130 = 210


This means that,


MANGO = 80


From the above-mentioned equations, we need to find the value of,




This actually means,

50 - 30 + 80


Now the answer can be very simply derived.


130 - 30 = 100


Therefore, 100 is the answer!


Did we take you to your school days? That is the power of our math riddles!


The poor pelican is lost, and is hiding in the flock of flamingos! Can you find it?

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