Math riddles with answers: Math can be tedious, but not in the case of this math riddle!

Ever wondered why math is one of the most disliked subjects? This is because math exam papers do not add fun math riddles.
Fun math riddle with answer!
Fun math riddle with answer!

Math is a fun subject for some and a super-hated subject for others. What makes the subject even more disliked is the fact that it can get pretty dull, too. Repetitive questions on the same theorems and formulae can not only get confusing but also boring.


Why do you think math is hated universally?


First of all, the statement isn't true. Math is a subject that can receive love. However, the subject is liked by only those students who are either born geniuses or have had great math teachers or have developed a liking toward the subject through everyday practice.


Yet, not many can confidently say that they had never wished math to get vanished from the world. While this wish is unachievable, due to the countable nature of tangible things, what is achievable is to develop a liking for the subject.


The task is not easy, though. Why? Well, firstly, it is indeed a difficult subject. Filled with numbers, symbols, formulas, theorems, and rules, the subject comes with not one but a myriad of complexities. Believe that you are now well-versed in a concept of math, and some math book will prove you wrong with a complex math question on the same concept. While some concepts are quite easy to understand, others are not even digestible.


Second, the gap it creates among students. While it is wrong to judge a student's intelligence only on the basis of her/his mathematical acumen, students still fall into the trap of this social division in the class. You may be great at all the subjects, but what will make your fellow students and some teachers consider you as "truly intelligent" are your math grades.


Finally, the terror attached to the subject. Many people do not dislike the subject. In reality, they are simply afraid of the subject. The stigma of fear attached to the subject is what makes people dread it.


Today, we present to you an exciting math riddle that would change the way you look at the math.

Here you go!


Math Riddle 1:


The Sun Is Overhead But The Owl Is Still Awake! Can You Spot The Owl In 12 Seconds?

Excited about the answer?



Here you go!






Help Mr. Bucky Fetch His Lucky! Find The Hidden Horse In Just 10 Seconds In This Optical Illusion Image


Here we go! We are sure the fun math riddle did manage to create a tiny space in your heart for math.

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