National Girl Child Day 2019: History,Theme,Objectives and Significance

Every year National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24 January to raise awareness among the society regarding the rights of girls in India and to give them equal status, education, respect etc. Let us study more about National Girl Child Day, how it is celebrated, why it is celebrated, history of National Girl Child Day, objectives behind the celebration of National Girl Child Day etc. through this article.
Jan 24, 2019 13:59 IST
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National Girl Child Day: History, Objectives and Significance
National Girl Child Day: History, Objectives and Significance

"A girl is whole by all means.. not a toy by any means…underneath her hair and make-up there is sign that says: handle with care."
“Smiling face of every little girl is the signature of God’s presence.” ― Amit Ray

On 24 January, National Girl Child Day is observed every year to give support, new opportunities to the girls in the country. This day is celebrated to raise the awareness among people about all the inequalities, discrimination, exploitation faced by the girls in the society. Inequality may be in terms of education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, protection, child marriage, freedom etc. No doubt, the step of the Government of India to celebrate the National Girl Child Day is an improvement mission for the young girls and also promotion of the significance of girl as a child.

National Girl Child Day: History

National Girl Child Day was first initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The main objective behind it is to highlight the inequalities faced by girls, to promote awareness including the rights of a girl child, importance of education, health and nutrition. Nowadays also gender discrimination is a major problem that girls or women face throughout their life.

National Girl Child Day: Objectives

- To increase the consciousness of the people and offer new opportunities to the girl child in the society.

- To remove all the inequalities faced by the girl child.

- To ensure that the girl child should get all their human rights, respect and value in the country.

- To work regarding gender discrimination, to educate people.

International Women's Day

- To work against diminishing child sex ratio in the India and change the mind of the people regarding girl as a children.

- To increase awareness about the importance and role of the girl child.

- To provide opportunities to girl and rights for their betterment.

- To educate people about the health and nutrition of girl.

- To provide equal rights and allow them to move in any part of the country.

“Daughters are ANGLES sent from above to fill our HEART with unending LOVE”

Rights of National Girl Child in India

Various schemes are mentioned by the Government of India to make the living status of girl child better. Some of the schemes are as follows:

- Determination of sex in the clinics during pregnancy has been blocked by the government.

- Child marriages of the girls are restricted now.

- To save girl child a scheme namely "Save the Girl Child" has been introduced by the government.

- Free and compulsory education for both boys and girls till 14 years of age has improved the education of girl child.

- To fight with malnutrition, high illiteracy, poverty and infant mortality in the society, antenatal care has been made necessary for all the pregnant women.

- Many Laws are made by the Government like Anti-Sati, Anti-MTP to make women get employment and status to the Women.

Do you know why Mother’s Day is celebrated?

- To give equal rights and opportunities to the girls for their better future several rules are made by the government.

- Five Year Plans have been made by the government to look after the Education Status of the Backward States in India.

- The 'Operation Blackboard' has been created by the government for the Girls by which every teacher gets the Higher Education for making students better in education.

- Even several Balwadi creches have been opened by the government for caring babies and also make them to visit primary schools.

- Government has introduced SHG or Self Help Groups to make the livelihood better for rural girls.

- The Open Learning System has been established for easiness to the girls of backward classes.

“Don’t be cold, Girls are worth more than Gold”

How National Girl Child Day is celebrated?

Various events are organised all across the country to celebrate girl child day to promote education, position, equal status etc. in the society. Also, Government of India organises several campaigns to increase the consciousness among the people regarding girl children in the Indian society. Through this campaign, the Government of India highlights the inequalities and problems related to the girl child. Several advertisements are run by the government on TV channels, local newspapers and radio stations by giving the message "Save the Girl Child". Even NGO or non- government organisations take part in the celebration and spread awareness among the society to treat girl child equal and educate them etc.

Therefore, every Child in the country may be boy or girl is important and said to be the future of the Country. Girl should be treated equally and should get all the opportunities in our society for the welfare of the Nation as a whole.

“Don’t kill Girl in Womb when she might bring Country to Gloom”
“Don’t let their lives End before it even Begins”

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