New Anubhava Mantapa: All about the structure, Chalukyan architecture, style, Lord Basaveshwara here

Know all about Lord Basaveshwara, New Anubhava Mantapa, Chalukyan architecture, temple style and other details here. Study in detail about the theories of Basaveshwara and the reforms brought by him.
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Anubhava Mantapa
Anubhava Mantapa

Why in News?

The Chief Minister of Karnataka laid the foundation of the New Anubhava Mantapa in Basavakalyan recently. 

It is the place where 12th-century poet-philosopher, Basaveshwara lived his whole life.

All about Lord Basaveshwara

Lord Basaveshwara is a Kannada social reformer, poet and philosopher from the 12th century

He is considered to be among the most revered saints by the Lingayat sects 

He was born on 1131 AD in a Brahmin family, Bagevadi, now in Karnataka and was contemporary of the Kalyani Chalukya/Kalachuri dynasty

Both dynasties of Kalyani Chalukya or Klachuri ruled during his time but he reached his peak of influence when  King Bijjala II ruled in Karnataka, India.

Facts about Lord Basaveshwara:

  1. He was also called Basavanna 
  2. He worked for the upliftment of the underprivileged classes and women
  3. He believed in the equality of humans, irrespective of class, caste, creed, and gender
  4. As per a legend, he denounced the ‘janeu’ which is a thread- worn by upper-caste Hindus
  5. He hoped to transform himself and achieve spiritual bliss through his teachings
  6. Basaveshwara's teachings spread through poetry which he called Vachanaas.
  7. Basaveshwara popularized the principles of Kayakave Kailasa that is work is worship and Dasoha which is giving back to society.

What will the Anubhava Mantapa be like?

  1. New Anubhava Mantapa, would be a six-floor structure on 7.5-acre plot and represents various principles of Basaveshwara
  2. The building would showcase a 12th Century Anubhava Mantapa. It was also called, the first Parliament of the world frequently.
  3. It has been established in Basavakalyan, the place where the philosophers and social reformers used to hold debates. 
  4. The building is to be built on the Kalyana Chalukya style of architecture.
  5. The grand structure would consist of 770 pillars. There would be a seating capacity for 770 people.
  6. The basement has been designed such that a Dasoha Bhavana or the dining hall. 
  7. The structure would have a Linga placed on a large pedestal on the top. There would be a state-of-the-art robotic system and an open-air theatre along with functions like a modern water conservation system a terrace garden to suit the view, a library, a research centre etc. 

Worlds First Parliament

Theory of Basaveshwara:

Basava’s Lingayat theology is of nondualism. In this individual Atman or soul is embraced as the body of God and also there is no difference understood between Shiva and Atman. Basava’s theories are regarded in the school of Vedanta, which matches the 11th-century Vishishtadvaita philosopher Ramanuja’s views.

Kalyan Chalukya Architecture: Basic Details 

The Chalukya temples are considered bett\er than other contemporaries. They show a transition from the Nagara to Dravida style and are built in an altogether new style called Karnatadravida. The pillars or ornated columns are considered to be amongst the most important features of these temples and even temples like “Mahadeva Temple” have the finest design and structure in Karnataka after Halebid. The Temple plan is generally star-shaped. Most temples have deities like Shiva and Nandi at the entrance of the shrine.

Truketshwara Temple, Gadag, Temples of Lakkundi, Kasivisvesvara Temple, Mahadeva Temple, Itagi, Doddabasappa Temple, Dambal etc are considered the best temples among all. 

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When and where was Basaveshwara born?

Basaveshwara was born in 1131 AD in a Brahmin family, Bagevadi.

Who was Basaveshwara?

Basaveshwara was a 12th-century poet-philosopher.

Which architecture is Anubhava Mantapa based on?

The temple is to be built on Kalyani Chalukyan style of architecture

Who is the President of Anubhava Mantapa?

It was presided over by the mystic Allama Prabhu and numerous Sharanas from all over Karnataka and other parts of India were participants
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