Top 10 Oldest Operating Airlines in the World

An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. In this article, we are giving the top 10 list of Oldest Operating Airlines in the World along with their foundation date and first flight date which will strengthen the knowledge of reader who are preparing for the examinations like UPSC, State Services, IBPS, SBI, SCC, Railways etc.
Apr 15, 2019 13:11 IST
Top 10 Oldest Operating Airlines in the World

The dream of man to fly like birds in any part of the world without hassles has been come true with the invention of Aeroplane. The credit goes to the Wright Brothers (Wilbur and Orville Wright) who revolutionized the travelling experience.

Timeline of Commercial Aviation

In 1908, employees of Wilbur Wright fly which was considered as the first passenger flight.

The first commercial flight school was established by the Orville Wright in 1910 at Montgomery.

The Burgess Company was the first who got licensed to manufacture the commercial aircraft in 1911.

Now rest is the history because the nostalgia of the Golden Age of Flying was evolved from the dream to reality.

Top 10 Oldest Operating Airlines in the World

10. Iberia

Founded in: 1927

First Flight: December 1927

It is flag carrier airline of the Spain. It was merged with British Airways in January 2011 to form International Airlines Group (IAG). After merger, it became the world's third-largest airline in terms of annual revenue and the second-largest airline group in Europe.

9. Air Serbia

Founded in: 1927

First Flight: 1927

Jat Airways was oldest name which was renamed as 'Air Siberia' when the Government of Serbia and Etihad Airways entered into an agreement in 2013. It is jointly owned by the Government of Serbia with 51% share and the Etihad Airways with 49% share.

8. Tajik Air

Founded in: 1924

First Flight: 1924

It started its journey in aviation from 1924 as division of Aeroflot in Tajikistan and ceased its operations in January 2109.

7. Delta Air Lines

Founded in: 1924

First Flight: 1929

It was founded as ‘Huff Daland Dusters for crop dusting’ in 1924 but renamed as 'Delta Air Service' in 1928. It operates a fleet of 885 aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas.

6. Finnair

Founded in: 1923

First Flight: March 1924

5. Czech Airlines (CSA)

Founded in: 1923

First Flight:  October 1923

It is national airline of the Czech Republic. Its first international flight was from Prague to Bratislava in 1930.

4. Aeroflot

Founded in: 1923

First Flight: July 1923

It is the largest airline of the Russian Federation. The 51% share of this airline company is owned by the Russian Government.

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3. Qantas

Founded in: 1920

First Flight: 1921

It is the flag carrier of Australia and known for its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations.

2. Avianca

Founded in: 1919

First Flight: 1919

It is national airline and flag carrier of Columbia. It is owned by Synergy Group S.A., a South American holding company established by German Efromovich and specialising in air transport.

1. KLM

Founded in: 1919

First Flight: May 1920

It is flag carrier airline of the Netherland which is a part of the Air France–KLM group, and a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

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