Optical Illusion Art: Top 5 Painters Who Create The Best Optical Illusion Paintings

Check the following optical illusion paintings below made by the top 5 famous artists in the world. These paintings can make you challenge your imagination. Take a look at the optical illusion art below.
Optical Illusion Art
Optical Illusion Art

Optical Illusion Art: Optical illusion plays with your eyes and your mind. It makes you presume something that is not there. You and your brain are puzzled because you wish to believe your eyes but you cannot. Optical illusion paintings that have made people chew their fingers are created by these 5 painters. Their imagination has puzzled many. Check these optical illusion art created by them and pity your imagination. 

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Optical Illusion Paintings:

Take a look at the paintings below and notice the level of imagination of these painters:

1. Oleg Shupliak: He is a Ukrainian artist who has mastered the art of optical illusion. Oleg Shupliak's paintings have been shared by us on our platform many times. He happens to be the world's favourite as well. His placement of characters, objects and colouring strategy generates scenic oil paintings to create two layers of images. Van Gogh was painting which is his most famous piece of art. 


2. Robert Gonsalves: Canadian artist, Robert Gonsalves, has skills that help him create the perfect art of illusion. He uses precision and imagination to turn everyday scenes into magic through the style of Magic Realism. 


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3. M.C Escher:  He is one of the famous artists in the genre of optical illusion. He is a Dutch graphic artist with the full name of Maurits Cornelis Escher. He uses woodcuts, mezzo-tints and lithographs along with his knowledge of mathematics, architecture and geometry and creates impossibly real images.  


4. Jos de Mey: He is a Flemish- Belgian artist who is well known in this optical illusion genre of art. Take a look at the painting below. The wall is seemingly parallel to the viewer while the columns are definitely not. He is also well known for borrowing characters from other artists such as Magritte, M.C. Escher, or in the image above, Bruegel.


5. Salvador Dali: Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali, was one of the most well-known and prominent artists in his field. His grandiose and eccentric behaviour could only be outdone by his wild and imaginative art.



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