Optical Illusion: Can you find the hidden beetle in just 10 seconds? In return, we are going to enlighten you with some interesting facts!

Find the hidden beetle in this picture and we will enlighten you today with these facts about beetles.
Find the hidden beetle!
Find the hidden beetle!

God has created many big and small creatures on this planet. However, while the huge ones always get the limelight, let us talk about one such tiny creature today, the beetle!


Have you ever closely looked at a beetle? Yes, they look creepy, but the following facts may make you think that even creepy insects like beetles can also be amazing in their own ways. But hey, everything comes with a price, even enlightenment does. Let’s trade today! We will enlighten you with some amazing facts about beetles, and you will have to help us find the hidden beetle in the picture below. Are you ready for it?


The Rules

The rules are pretty simple. We will be presenting five facts about beetles that you may not have known before. As a special treat to our dear readers, we will be presenting the first three facts in the very beginning, and the rest of the two after you finish the challenge. 

Now, the key to focus on right now is that there is one more twist to the challenge. We can hear what you just said in your mind and yes, it is the time limit!

You will get 10 seconds to find the hidden beetle in this image! Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start just when the timer asks you to start and stop when it tells you to stop. Now that you know all the rules, you are all set to start!


Fact 1:

Beetles do not have very good eyesight. Thus, the creatures communicate through sounds and vibrations.


Fact 2:

Beetles lay hundreds of eggs.


Fact 3:

Almost all beetles do not live longer than a year.


Now that we have fulfilled our promise, it’s time for you to fulfill your promise. Start the timer for 10 seconds on your phone.


Find the hidden beetle!

Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)


Time stops!

Here is the hidden beetle!

Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)


Well done, readers!


Here are the other two facts we promised you about!

Fact 4:

Adult beetles possess two sets of wings.


Fact 5:

Beetles can be quite helpful for the environment. They help clear the garbage.


Wasn’t it a good deal readers? Enlightenment in exchange for moments of having fun together?

It was a win-win for both of us! Bingo!

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