Optical Illusion Challenge: Can you find the helicopter in 5 seconds?

In this optical illusion image, a helicopter is hidden in plain sight. If you can spot the helicopter in 5 seconds, you have eagle eyes. Try this optical illusion challenge now to put your observation skills to the test!
Find Helicopter in 5 Seconds
Find Helicopter in 5 Seconds

Optical Illusion Challenge: Images that trick your brain and challenge your ability to perceive things are known as "optical illusions." Cognitive, physiological, and literal visual illusions are the three kinds of optical illusions. 

Cognitive illusions are caused by unconscious inferences made by the brain, while physiological illusions are caused by excessive stimulation of the eyes or brain. Literal visual illusions, on the other hand, occur when there is a mismatch between what is seen and what is perceived. 

The central theme of all optical illusions is that they trick your mind. The popularity of optical illusions has grown exponentially in the past decade, as is evident from the fact that they have become a part of popular culture. 

Netizens love solving new optical illusion challenges, by solving these challenges they can show off their problem-solving skills among friends and peers.

Optical illusions are also good for improving an individual's observation skills. With regular practice, one can quickly master the ability to solve optical illusions.

Are you detail-oriented and have good observation skills?

Then attempt this optical illusion challenge now.

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Optical Illusion Challenge - Find the Helicopter in 5 Seconds


Source: Reddit

Optical illusions are one of the most basic tools for testing observation and intelligence. Although it is thought to be a good way to test your intelligence, there are more sophisticated ways to do so.

If you really want to know your true IQ levels, professionally created IQ tests are the best way to find out.

In the image shared above, the challenge for you is to find a helicopter in 5 seconds.

This is a good way to test your observation skill and going by the time limit given for this challenge, it won’t take much time for a person with good observation skills to find the helicopter in this image.

You will be a record holder if you can spot the helicopter in 5 seconds.

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Did You Find the Helicopter in 5 Seconds?

You are asked to find a helicopter in the image within 5 seconds.

The helicopter has blended in with the rock which makes its detection a tough job.

Camouflaging is necessary in order to remain undetected and is utilised by armies to gather intelligence and perform reconnaissance.

Have you spotted the helicopter?

Look at the picture carefully, the helicopter can be present anywhere in the image.

To find the helicopter within the time limit, carefully examine all areas of the image and look for anything that resembles a helicopter.

Hurry up; the final few seconds remain.




Time’s up.

How many of you have spotted the helicopter?

It was an easy yet tricky challenge.

Some of you might still be searching for the helicopter.

Curious to know where the helicopter is?

Check out the solution below.

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Find Helicopter in 5 Seconds - Solution

The helicopter is flying a little above the centre of the image, it is marked with a circle for easy identification.

The helicopter in the image is a Denel AH-2 Rooivalk which is an attack helicopter manufactured by Denel Aviation of South Africa.


The beige colour of the rock and helicopter creates an optical illusion making it difficult to detect the helicopter at first glance.

We believe you had a blast while searching for the helicopter.

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