Optical Illusion Challenge: Can you find the rabbit in the rocks within 7 seconds?

In this optical illusion image, a rabbit is hidden in plain sight. You have hawk eyes if you can spot the rabbit in 7 seconds. Test your observation skills with this optical illusion challenge now.
Find Rabbit in 7 Seconds
Find Rabbit in 7 Seconds

Optical Illusion Challenge:  Illusion is derived from the Latin word illusio or illusionem, which means to mock or trick. The basic premise of optical illusions is that they play tricks on the human mind.

Optical illusions are a great way to test your level of intelligence. Apart from being an excellent way to flaunt your observation skills among friends and family, it also acts as a source of entertainment for everyone.

Optical illusions provide much-needed exercise for our brains. Regular practice of optical illusions can help boost your power of observation and improve your attention.

Do you want to know how observant you are?

Then find the rabbit in the rocks within 7 seconds.

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Optical Illusion Challenge - Find the Hidden Rabbit in 7 Seconds


Source: Reddit

The image shared above shows a rock scene. You are asked to find the rabbit within 7 seconds.

These types of optical illusion challenges are a good way to test your observation skills as well as your intelligence. 

Although it is considered a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only means of doing so.

You can take professionally designed IQ tests, such as the Mensa IQ Challenge, to really know your IQ levels.

Did You Find the Rabbit in 7 Seconds?

The challenge is to find a rabbit in the picture within 7 seconds.

Individuals with good observation skills will be able to spot the rabbit easily.

This is a great opportunity for individuals to test and improve their observation skills.

Have you spotted the rabbit?


Focus your attention on the image and see if you can spot a rabbit.

Hurry up; the clock will signal the end of time soon.

Did you find the rabbit?


Time’s up.

How many of you have spotted the rabbit successfully?

Those who were able to spot the rabbit with their excellent observation skills deserve a big round of applause from our end. Curious to know where the rabbit is?

Scroll below for the reveal.

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Find the Rabbit in 7 Seconds - Solution

The rabbit can be spotted on the right side of the image. It is hiding in the rocks. Due to the fur colour, it is difficult to identify the rabbit at first.


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