Optical Illusion Challenge: Let’s see if you are able to spot a ball in the room in 8 seconds

Optical Illusion: A ball is hidden in plain sight in this picture. Can you spot the hidden ball within 8 seconds? Take this optical illusion challenge to test your observation skills now!!
Spot A Ball in 8 Seconds
Spot A Ball in 8 Seconds

Optical Illusion Challenge: Have you ever wondered why some images fool your eyes? Have you ever considered that there is more to an image than meets the eye?


If the answer to all these questions is a thumping yes, then you, my friend have experienced the magic of optical illusions.


There are three categories of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive. All of these illusions have a common theme, which is tricking human brains.


Apart from its ability to captivate the human mind, it is also an excellent way to improve your observation skills and attention span.


Are you ready to test how observant you are?


Let’s find out.


Optical Illusion: You have hawk eyes if you can spot a duck in the image in 6 seconds

Optical Illusion Challenge - Find the Hidden ball in 8 Seconds


Source: Brightside


The image shared above depicts a room scene where you can also see an elderly lady knitting sweaters and her cats in the room.


There is a ball hiding in plain sight and you need to find the ball in the image within 8 seconds to successfully complete the challenge.


It will be a test of your observation skills and it will also help in improving your attention span. 


Optical illusions are one of the most basic ways to assess one's ability to observe and think critically. 


Although it is thought to be a good way to test your intelligence, more advanced methods are available like Mensa IQ Challenge, which can help you identify your true IQ levels.


Optical Illusion Challenge: Only geniuses can find a hidden bone in the picture in 9 seconds. Can you?

Did You Find the ball in 8 Seconds?

The challenge is to find a ball and you have 8 seconds to spot it.


Individuals who have exceptional observation skills will find it easier to spot the hidden ball.


Those trying for the first time will find it challenging as well as interesting. First-timers may require more time than experienced puzzlers.


Have you spotted the ball yet?


Pay close attention to the image and see if you can spot the ball.


Hurry up; time is running out.


The ball can be present anywhere in the image.


Half of the allotted time is already over.


Only a few seconds are remaining.


The countdown has started.


Tick.. Tock..










Time’s up.


How many of you were able to find the ball?


Curious to know where the ball is hiding.


Check out the answer below.

Find the Ball in 8 Seconds - Solution

The ball can be seen on the left side of the image, it is near the left hand of the lady, near the ball of wool.


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