Optical Illusion: Do you have an eagle’s eye? Prove it by finding the hidden eagle in the image!

Eagles are popular for their superb vision. Do you think you can beat them? Well, if yes, find the hidden eagle in the image.
Find the hidden eagle!
Find the hidden eagle!

Finding things can be hard. Sometimes, it is your favorite pen or your sock that is missing for a week. Have you ever lost any of your valuable stuff? Well, all things held aside, the fright of getting your mobile phone missing is a real one.in all these life situations and more, all you need is a calm mentality and an eagle’s eye.

It is the calm mentality that shields you from a mini heart attack when your phone goes missing, and it is the eagle’s eye that helps you look for the missing thing even in an intricate manner.

Ever wondered why this expression, “an eagle’s eye” came into existence in the first place? That is because an eagle is famous for its supreme vision.

Yes, eagles are bestowed with the power of a great vision. 


Why are only some creatures given special qualities and not others?

The reason lies in the overall differences between these creatures. All creatures are different, and that is what makes the Earth diverse and even more beautiful. Eagles are bestowed with an excellent vision because of not one but many reasons, one of them being the fact that good vision helps them with a better hunt.


Now that we have set the foundation of the challenge, let’s begin it.


Before that, have a look at the rules.

The Rules

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find the hidden eagle in the image in not more than 15 seconds. Yes, the eagle has great vision, but we are not sure whether it knows how to read time, and thus, we can’t expect the eagle to keep a track of time. Additionally, since we do not know where you reside, we also cannot keep a check on the time. That is when you need to help yourself. All you have to do is find the hidden eagle in just 15 seconds, and your phone will help us keep track of the time. Simply set a timer for 15 seconds on your phone. Now, start looking for the hidden eagle just when the timer asks you to do so. Stop when it asks you to stop.


Are you ready?


Here is the eagle waiting for you! Find the hidden eagle if you can.


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Could you find the hidden eagle? Do you have an eagle’s eye?

Here is the eagle hiding!


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Wasn’t the challenge super fun? Well, we are known for bringing exciting pieces of content for our dear readers!


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