Optical Illusion: Do you think finding a crow would be easy? Can you find the hidden crow?

Crows are interesting beings. Can you find the hidden crow?
Find the hidden crow!
Find the hidden crow!

Today we have come up with yet another interesting animal; crows!

Have you ever wondered how creative nature has been? Nature has brought forward not or two, nor even a hundred, but around 2.13 million species in the whole wide world. Weren't the mountains, rivers, and oceans enough to surprise mankind that nature brought forward 2.13 astonishing species to awestruck man? Well, people who study these creatures are super lucky as their profession makes them meet these wonders of the Almighty; however, the layman doesn't always get a chance to pause from the hustles of life and admire each and every organism. That is why we bring to you special challenges that revolve around animals, and some of them not only entertains you but also educate you. The blog you are currently reading is one of those pieces of content where the purpose is not only to entertain you with a few moments of an adrenaline rush but also to educate you with some facts that you may have never heard before about an organism. 

The organism we have picked today is a crow!

In many cultures around the globe, crows are not seen with enough admiration and are often considered a symbol of bad omen. We do not wish to get deeper into that, however, those who pick the liberal approach and admire all the creations of God would want to know more about crows too.

Here we go. We will present to you some interesting facts about crows, while in return, would expect you to find the hidden crow in the picture in just 10 seconds. Remember, we admire people who are honest and faithful, and thus, not a single second above 10 would we want you to give to this challenge. While we sound really strict here, we are not as cold-hearted, as we will be presenting 5 interesting facts about crows that you may have never heard before. Educating is an act of kindness, isn't it?


Here we go!


Fact 1:

Proportionally, some crows may have bigger brains than us.


Fact 2:
New Caledonian crows are so intelligent that they make and use tools.


Fact 3:
Crows swear by the philosophy of unity in strength. They fight off predators by means of ganging up on them.


Wait, aren't we missing out on something? Oh, the challenge!
The above three facts were just for the starters and we still have two more exciting facts left, but before that, you will have to find the hidden crow for us!


The Rules

We do not believe in bothering our readers much, and thus we have kept the rules pretty simple and straightforward. As stated above, all you have to do is find the hidden crow in this image in not more than 10 seconds. YES, it is practically possible to find the hidden animal in just 10 seconds. The less time is what makes the challenge even more challenging yet fun and gives you that much-desired adrenaline rush. But hey, who will keep track of the time? Is the crow interested?
Umm... Well, we asked the crow, but is denied. Shall we come to your doorstep? We would love to come to your place, but that would take us hours of traffic. Can your smartphone help? Well, of course, it can. Why don't you simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Well, of course, it is.

Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden crow the moment the timer starts and end your search the very moment it beeps. Simple!

Optical Illusion: A squirrel is playing hide and seek with us! Can you spot the hidden squirrel?

Can you find the hidden crow in this picture?


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Here is the hidden crow!


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Fact 4:
Crow siblings that get old often aid their parents in raising newly born chicks.


Fact 5:

Crows have funerals. When a crow dies, alive ones flock to see what happened. However, they are so smart beings that they do not go near, as they feel the area may still be dangerous, even if they may find plenty of food there.

Wasn't the challenge interesting enough to keep you engaged? Well, we are famous for smartly blending education with entertainment!

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