Optical Illusion: Ewww! There is a lizard!! Not in your room, but in this picture! Can you find the hidden lizard?

Lizards are the queens of creepiness. You might not be afraid of the big cats much, but lizards never fail to scare off even the toughest-skinned person. Can you find the hidden lizard in this image?
Find the hidden lizard!
Find the hidden lizard!

When nature created lizards, it was sure that people are never going to forget to look for a hidden one the moment they enter a room. Lizards are creepy, yet super interesting creatures who never fail to make anyone terrified in a second. 

Here is an interesting challenge for you! Can you find the hidden lizard in the image in not more than 10 seconds? Yes, we are back with yet another "Find the hidden animal" challenge! Excited about the challenge? Here are the rules you need to keep in mind.

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The Rules

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is look for the hidden lizard in the image in not more than 10 seconds. For this, someone needs to keep track of the time. Well, you would certainly not like a lizard to crawl up your hand and sit on your watch to check the time, will you? That is when your phone will be helping us out. Set a timer for not more than 10 seconds on your phone. Now, once you do that, start looking for the hidden lizard the moment the timer starts. Stop just as the timer beeps.

Now that you are aware of the rules, you are all set to go!


Find the hidden lizard in the image!

Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Were you able to find the hidden lizard?


Well, if you couldn't, here is the answer!


The lizard was hiding here all this while-


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Wasn't the challenge super interesting? While you are all giggling right now, beware of any lizards on the ceiling! 

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