Optical illusion: Finding the hidden dragonfly is next to impossible! Wouldn’t you try finding it?

Sometimes, the best thing to grow in life is to take risks and pledge to make the impossible turn possible. No, we aren’t going to be your motivational speaker, but would you start with this little challenge?
Find the hidden dragonfly in 7 seconds!
Find the hidden dragonfly in 7 seconds!

Challenges are a fundamental part of life. While some people pick their own challenges, others get the unwanted challenges for free when life throws them in the face. Life was never meant to be an easy road. It is filled with dig holes and hurdles. The only choice you are left with is to juggle the inconveniences and reach the finish line.


The quality of the ride called life is totally dependent on the rider. The personality of the traveler is a major deciding factor in how the ride goes. This means that the personality of a person determines how the person may experience life. 


Some people aim at staying in their cocoons all their lives. They love the comfort and sense of security they get from doing regular activities. They create a bubble around themselves that safeguards them from the outside world. Not saying that such a way of living is bad, but such souls rarely experience the bliss of uncertainty. 


The second category of people involves those who are made of hard steel. They try new things, fail in them, fail in them again, but choose to try them again. They get immense satisfaction from winning, but the reason for their attempts at various things is not always winning. They choose to experience larger-than-life experiences, over temporary gratifications. They love taking risks, as it not only makes them explore the world but also explore their inner selves. Risk-taking for them is an important life goal to reach self-actualization, and they aim at making the impossible turn possible.


Is it getting too much motivation for you?


No, we did not intend to make a point or preach the “right” ways of living. All we want to say is that the challenge we have for you today seems impossible!


Yes, you read it right! 


We are going to present an image of beautiful flowers. The flowers will give you a calming feeling. Yet, there is a hidden dragonfly in the image.


All you have to do today is to spot the hidden dragonfly in the image.


Every challenge comes with its own set of rules, and succeeding at the challenge without tampering with any rules is what makes it even more interesting. This challenge, too, has its own rules.


The rules for the challenge:


The rules are pretty simple to follow. All you have to do is set a timer for 7 seconds on your phone. Yes, you only have 7 seconds to find the hidden dragonfly. Now, once you set the timer, fix your gaze on the image and start looking for the dragonfly. Do not miss the corners, and look closely at each flower. We wish you all the very best for the challenge.


Are you ready?


Here you go!


Find the hidden dragonfly in just 7 seconds!

Image Source: Mister Teach



Could you find the hidden dragonfly?

Here is the dragonfly!

Image Source: Mister Teach



Whether you could find the hidden dragonfly or not, you still picked the challenge and decided to attempt it. Remember, the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.


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