Optical Illusion: Finding the hippo in this image is super hard! Can you spot the hidden hippo in 10 seconds?

Hippos are both adorable and scary. Finding the hidden hippo in this image is tough. Can you spot the hidden hippo in just 10 seconds?
Find the hidden hippo!
Find the hidden hippo!

We have all grown up listening to kindergarten tales related to hippos. Today, we bring to you a challenge that asks you to find the hidden hippo in the image in just 10 seconds.


But first, let us know some facts about hippos that you may not know until now!


Interesting facts about hippos!

1) Hippos are the second largest land animal on Earth

The largest land animal on the planet is definitely the elephant. However, a hippopotamus is the second largest land animal on the planet.


2) Hippos are herbivores!

Yes, there is no need to get scared by their large bodies, as hippos feed on plant material.


3) A hippopotamus is most active at night!

Yes, just like every one of us with a good smartphone, the hippopotamus too is a night owl. However, hippos spend their nights looking for food, and not simply scrolling through social media applications.


4) Hippos prefer living in herds

A hippopotamus herd usually consists of 20 hippos, led by one large hippopotamus, who is a male. 


5) Female hippos are known as cows!

Yes, strange but true.


6) Hippos give birth usually after every two years to a single calf!


7) A wild hippopotamus can live up to 40 years!

Yes, you read that right.


8) Hippos are great swimmers!

Never judge a book by its cover. Despite being so large in size, a hippopotamus can hold its breath for up to 5 minutes underwater. This allows them to be great swimmers.


9) Hippos spend the entire part of their day in lakes and rivers.

Simply enjoying the water! What a lucky mammal!


10) The eyes, nose, and ears of a hippopotamus are on the head!

This unique feature allows a hippo to stay aware of the surroundings even while being completely submerged in the water.


11) Hippos are semi-aquatic beings.

A hippo has a large body, a cute little tail, and short legs.


12) The population

The population of hippos has drastically declined over the years due to hunting and poaching. Today, most hippos are found only in protected regions.


Now that you know something about the lives of hippos, you are all set for the challenge.


Are you ready?


Follow the rules below!

The Rules

All that you have to do is simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone and look for the hidden hippo in the image. Start when the timer asks you to start and stop looking for the hippo when the timer asks you to stop. Remember, hippos don’t like cheaters!


It’s time to present the challenge to you!

Here you go!

Find the hidden hippo!

Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Could you find the hidden hippo?

Here was the hippo hiding!


Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)


It was a fun challenge? Isn’t it?

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