Optical Illusion: The granny is about to sleep. Is there any beetle around? Can you find the hidden beetle?

Granny wants to sleep peacefully and safely, but probably there is a beetle hiding. Can you spot the hidden beetle before granny sleeps.
Find the hidden beetle!
Find the hidden beetle!

Granny is about to sleep, but we have got to know that there is a beetle around the bed. Can you find the hidden beetle?

Recall the first best friend you had in life. Well, that was not the kindergarten friend you played with, but actually, your granny who brought forward her inner-child self to play with you. Grannies are the best people in our lives that, for one moment, play all sorts of childish games, and in the next moment, give us the most important and wise life lessons. Our granny is the only person who always had the power to safeguard us from the scolding of our parents. Our granny is the one who introduced us to the concept of pocket money, and help us have the best of our childhood times. An old saying says that while we were the last best friends of our granny, our granny was indeed our first best friend.

However, as we grow up, we make new friends, and eventually, our granny starts feeling alone. While our parents get busy with responsibilities and we get busy with other blisses of childhood, our granny starts to feel alone. And then, one day you realize that your granny is getting older, and you wish you could spend more time with your granny.

Not only do we regret the moments we could have played with our granny, but also we feel the urge to serve our granny and pay back everything she did to us.

Today, we give you that opportunity. While we couldn't get a picture of your granny, we are here with a granny you can imagine as yours. After a busy day, this granny is about to sleep. Old age makes the lady shiver and move slowly. First, the granny is busy thinking about something deep. Once she gets done with the deep thinking, she will be removing her spectacles, slowly, and slide down into the bed. Now, we have got to know that there may be a beetle hiding in the room. Now, granny fears beetles, and the way you can serve this granny is that you can find the hidden beetle before granny slides down. Now, the punch is that we cannot make Granny aware of the danger. You can simply spot the hidden beetle if there is any, and we will shoo it away. In this way, you will ensure that it is safe for the granny to sleep peacefully. Now that you know what to do, you are all set for the rules of the challenge. Read on to know the rules before you begin with the challenge.

Rules of the challenge!

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple and straightforward. Granny is about to sleep and you need to check if there is any beetle around. Hey, we cannot tell Granny about it. Granny will take around 8 seconds to remove her spectacles, and you need to find the hidden beetle in just 8 seconds. Set a timer for 8 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden beetle the moment the timer starts. Stop just when the timer beeps. Now that you know the rules of the challenge, start looking for the hidden beetle.


Find the hidden beetle in just 8 seconds


Image Source: The Guardian


Is there a beetle around Granny?

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Yes, here is the beetle


Image Source: The Guardian


Well, dear readers, you made sure that Granny has a safe place to get a peaceful sleep. Yes, even if it was a very small gesture, you actually did a very good job. We are so proud of you, dear readers!

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