Optical Illusion: The king is back! Can you dare to find the hidden lion? Get ready for a fun adventure with this challenge!

Grrrr! The lion is waiting for you. Here comes an enthralling challenge. Can you spot the hidden lion?
Find the hidden lion!
Find the hidden lion!

Have you ever wondered what sets a king apart from the crowd? While many countries on the globe have given up on the idea of establishing a monarchy and welcomed democracy with open arms, it is hard to answer the above question. However, you can always think of a few qualities you may be aware of through the kindergarten tales of kings and queens, your moral conscience, and the top leaders of the world.  


So, are you ready with the answers?

What makes a king stand out from the crowd? 


Is it the money? Or is it the position? 


Some may say that the presence of a thousand million dollars is what makes a king stand out from the crowd, while others may point out the power and position an average kid gets through a stroke of luck when his father leaves the throne in a regal family. While both these aspects are true, there are many other things that make a king different from others.

Any first child may become a king if born in a monarch family, but becoming the king worth remembering is an entirely different story.

A king is made by his valor, courage, confidence, and the skill to lead a mass. A king is someone who not only enjoys luxuries but also faces dangers head-on.

That is what makes a king stand out. 


While many parts of the world enjoy democracy, some have a monarchical rule. But there is one place that always has a king. Yes, whether there is devastation, or drought, or quarrels, this place always has a king. You may have guessed it by now; we are talking about the jungle.


The mightiest of the might is the king of the jungle; the lion.

Lions are known for their chivalry and valor; however, one can never mess with the king of the jungle.


Imagine you go on a solo trip to the countryside. You enjoy the essence of the fresh farms, the clear sky, and the beautiful sunrises. You meet new people and take hundreds of pictures. You take out a few days from your hectic city schedule and make the best of it living a simple life in the countryside. Out of these three to four days, one fine night, you decide to sleep in the woods under the sky. The sky is gleaming and the stars are smiling at you. Ah, it is one of the best nights you have ever spent.

You wake up in the morning with the sun shining bright at you as if the universe has come down to wake you up with a warm hug. You wake up with a smile on your face and wave at the beautiful birds chirping in the morning. You were enjoying the best of your time on the cozy grass before you heard a strange sound as if someone just roared.




When everything seems just perfect, the mind tricks you to ignore the dangers.

You yawn, stretch your arms, and thank the universe for this lovely morning.


Suddenly, you hear it for the second time.



You heard it, you heard it just correctly. However, for someone craving water for a very long time, a tiny dirt particle in the pond of fresh water doesn’t make a difference. You ignore the roar by chance, or perhaps, deliberately.


The birds start to chirp louder, and you giggle a little seeing their excitement before you hear the third roar.



You were sure. This time you were damn sure. Who was roaring? Was that a human gargling loudly, or were the birds actually in a bad mood? No matter how much you try to manipulate your mind this time, your brain just won’t agree. Thankfully so, your brain was going in the right direction. Your heart starts to pound faster, and sweat rolls down your face. 




Life has a way of leaving us at our wit’s end, at the most unexpected times. You look around and all you find are just trees and bushes, but you cannot afford to doubt your senses three times in a row. You look everywhere for a clue, but can’t find the hidden lion.


Suddenly you remember all your life lessons. Out of the thousands of lessons that come to your mind, one of them was to stay in your senses, take a breath, and act mindfully in times of extreme crisis. Lacking any other options, you decide to do the same.

Optical Illusion: Black and white stripes are here! Can you find the hidden zebra?

Look for the hidden lion, as fast as you can!



Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Were you able to find the hidden beast?

Were you able to spot the hidden animal?

Here is the hidden lion!


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


You have found the lion, but the lion hasn’t found you. Obviously, just like every other creature on the planet, the lion may too be feeling hungry in the morning, and oh, when the prey is right in front of them, lions do not waste time brushing their teeth. What to do?


You slide by the bushes, slowly and steadily, and as soon as you escape the sight of the beast, you run as fast as you can. The same birds who were sounding melodious half an hour earlier, seem like they are actually cheering your fast pace. The bushes that felt beautiful, seem like hurdles now. After a long sprint, you finally start seeing human habitation, a safe place for humans to take shelter.

After all, that happened this morning, do you think sleeping in the woods was a bad idea? If you ask us, it was definitely not a poor idea.

If a single night can give you the bliss of the best of the scenic beauty, the wonderful breeze, and oh, a great adventure, you definitely can’t call it a bad night. 

The universe is giggling at your adventure!

Optical Illusion: Who said dinosaurs are extinct? One is still alive! Can you find the hidden dinosaur?

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