Optical Illusion: The penguin is out of sight. Find the hidden penguin in the picture.

Penguins are adorable beings, but it is not easy to find one in the image. Can you spot the hidden penguin?
Find the hidden penguin challenge!
Find the hidden penguin challenge!

One of the most adorable beings is the penguin. They are cute and their walk is something to fall for. Today's "Find the hidden animal" is based on penguins.

Can you spot the hidden penguin?

Hey, wondering if the challenge is going to be dull and boring this time? Well, have we ever made any challenge boring for you? Today, we have come to you with a combo offer. 

The Combo Offer for you!

The offer is such that it is a complete win for you, dear readers. Today, we are not only going to present an exciting "Find the hidden animal" challenge, but we are also going to entertain you with some exciting facts about that animal, that will keep you engaged and wondering about how creative and intelligent nature can be to bring amazing creatures into being. Plus, the animal we have picked today for the "Find the hidden animal" challenge is one that is adored by almost all. Yes, we are talking about penguins.


The drill

The drill is simple. First, we will be entertaining you with some facts about penguins. Next, we will present you with the rules of the challenge, followed by the challenge itself. After the challenge ends, as dessert, we will be presenting a few more facts about penguins in the end. Now that you know the drill, you are all set for the facts ahead.


Exciting facts about penguins

Here are some exciting facts about penguins that you may have never heard before. Hey, do not forget to share the fun information with your family and friends.

Fact 1 about penguins:

Penguins nestle together in order to retain warmth and shield themselves from predators.


Fact 2 about penguins:

This one is a strange yet funny one. When a group of penguins is seen on land, it is called a waddle, but when it is spotted in the water, it is called a raft.


Fact 3 about penguins:

Penguins are birds that are adapted to solid bones. What purpose do these solid bones serve? Well, besides other functions, the bones help penguins to swim underwater.


Wait, are we missing out on anything? 

Well, yes, the challenge itself!


Before jumping straight to the challenge, have a look at the rules first.


Rules of the challenge

The rules of the challenge are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find the hidden penguin in not more than 10 seconds. Simply set a timer on your phone for 10 seconds. Start looking for the hidden penguin the moment the timer starts. Stop looking for it the moment the timer ends. Now that you know the rules, you are all set for the challenge to begin.

Find the hidden penguin in the image.


Image Source: IQ Workout (YouTube)


Here is the penguin hiding.


The penguin!


Image Source: IQ Workout (YouTube)


Who said the penguin was hiding in the glacier?

Plus, the kind of global warming scenario the planet is seeing, penguins these days rarely get sufficient icebergs and glaciers to survive on.

Were you able to find the hidden penguin? Whether you were successful in finding the hidden penguin or not, here are a few more exciting facts about penguins we promised you in the beginning.


Fact 4 about penguins:

A special gland location near the base of its tail releases waterproof oil, which actually helps the penguin stay warm.


Fact 5 about penguins:

You may see penguins and polar bears together only in cartoons. This is because polar bears live in the north of the equator while penguins live in the south.


Fact 6 about penguins:

How do male penguins woo female penguins? Well, while they can't gift them a diamond ring, they gift them rocks. The female penguin then makes use of these rocks to construct a nest. Isn't it romantic?


Weren't these facts about penguins simply incredible? We are sure you are now going to see penguins in a different light from now onwards.

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