Optical Illusion: Trousers or heels? Picture reveals if you are a good conversationalist!

Optical Illusion: What you observe first in the optical illusion image reveals if you are a good conversationalist or not. This optical illusion test can reveal much about your hidden personality traits. 

Tulika Tandon
Jul 29, 2022, 15:59 IST
Optical Illusion: Which legs do you see?
Optical Illusion: Which legs do you see?

Optical Illusion tests have notably revealed certain hidden personality traits of many people who took them. These were traits which were deeply hidden and were not even explicitly known to them. This optical illusion picture makes you see one of the two things- Heeled legs or Trousered legs. Look at the picture below and also read the analysis of the test. This optical illusion image can reveal if you are a good communicator or not. 

Take a look at the picture below. You have 6 seconds to take the look and tell us what you observe first. 



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Optical Illusion Picture:

What did you see? Was it the trousered leg or the high heels? We are quite sure most men would have noticed the heels first. Read the analysis below carefully to know if you are a good communicator or not. 

Optical Illusion tests have proved their mettle in the past. However, they are not 100% relevant to every person in this global population. So read this for fun and tell us if you found yourself to be a good communicator through the comment box below. 

Optical Illusion: Analysis

Trousered legs:

If you see trousered legs in the picture you are the kind of person who communicates directly with people. Many self-proclaimed illusion theorists have stated that those who fall in this category of viewers have little trouble in formulating their thoughts and feelings. They can easily share their feelings with other people as well.

However such people are not always considerate of other people's feelings. Their outspokenness takes precedence over other people's feelings many times. They come off as emotionally shallow people as well.   

Heeled legs:

If you saw the white-heeled legs first, you are the type of person who thinks before they speak. That is why you take a moment to speak before others. You find time collecting words because you wish to be politically correct always. 

You are one of those who are called the shy ones in a room. This is why at times you are taken for granted by many as well. 

Both legs:

If you saw both legs at a time, you take less time to think before you act. You almost do not think at all at times. The lack of filters many times makes you come off as rude and opinionated. It also makes you a great conversationalist at the same time.

We hope the personality test was enjoyed by you all today. How many of you are great conversationalists? Do tell us through the comment box below. 


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