Optical Illusion: What is wrong with this room? Is it haunted? Find the hidden ghost

Step into the world of immense horror with this horrifying challenge with Ethan that will make your blood run cold!

Astha Pasricha
Jun 2, 2023, 10:33 IST
Ethan is stuck in the world of horror. Can you spot anything terrifying in the room?
Ethan is stuck in the world of horror. Can you spot anything terrifying in the room?

Is Halloween near?

Well, no.

Then why are we presenting with a spooky challenge?

We'll tell you soon.

But before that, get yourself a comfortable chair, pray to the Almighty for protection, grab a mug of coffee, and be ready for a spooky challenge.

Today, we will not be presenting any regular "Find the hidden animal" challenge. Today, we will be expecting you to find something beyond life and death. Today, we will ask you to find the hidden ghost, if there is any. In case you are able to find it, we can all be spared and run, and if not, may the Almighty protect all of us!!!

Hey, what is the story behind this challenge? Read on to step into the unexplained world of horror.

Ethan and his experience in the haunted room (Fictional story)

Can every experience be explained? Not really.

This is similar to what happened with Ethan last Friday. Ethan hates his boss for making him work till late hours and Friday was one of such days of immense hatred. At sharp 11:23, Ethan finally shut down his laptop, kicked the chair of his toxic office since no one was watching, and walked out of the building with immense remorse and tiredness in his eyes. He was not in the mood to drive, but adulthood does not mercy anyone. He switched his car on and started driving. Everything seemed normal unless he had a sudden urge to drink water. He stretched one of his hands while driving to find his water bottle in his office bag, only to realize that the urge to leave the office made him forget his water bottle at the office desk. Frustrated from work, everyday hassles, and bad luck, he stopped the car for a moment. He closed the window of the car with a sharp scream of anger and frustration. The scream enhanced his thirst. Did we tell you that the driving distance between his house and work is approximately 2 hours? He rested his head on the door for a minute or so just to figure out what to do now.

After recollecting his courage, he decided to look for a store where he can purchase a bottle of water. BAD DECISION.

True, it would have been difficult to drive for 2 hours feeling thirsty, but if you ask him today, he regrets his search for water. Now that Ethan was convinced that he would not travel back home unless a few drops of water quench his thirst, he changed his route to a strange highway, expecting a 24-7 open store. Halfway through the route, he picked up his phone to check the time but found out that both his tired body and his phone required a charger. However, it seemed as if Ethan was convinced that his luck is already bad, and nothing could be worse than working in a toxic office environment. Little did he know what he was about to experience would make his toxic office culture seem like heaven on earth.


He was in the middle of the highway when for a moment he managed to look sideways. On the sides was a river, that looked red. A RIVER OF RED BLOOD!


For a moment, this scenario trembled Ethan's hands.  However, he managed to control both his car and his mind thinking that the lights on the banks of the river were perhaps the reason why the river looked red.

Slight fear and the urge to drink water made him drive faster now, only to find out that there were no lights or sight of habitation on the path ahead. There was complete darkness, and the light coming out of the car seemed like an entrance of a living soul into a dark, spooky, world of hollowness.

Image Source: Times of India


What happens to the thirst when the body starts rolling down fears on the forehead and cheeks? Well, thirst gets increased and the body starts to get dehydrated. Ethan slowed down the car and eventually stopped it in the middle of the road. The decision to grab a bottle of water was not right. However, he required a minute more rest. He dimmed the headlights of the car for a moment and thought of dozing off. He closed his eyes for one second and opened it the other. He took four to five deep breaths when on the sixth breath, he felt a white, ambiguous figure crossing the road in front of the car. He looked to the left but could not find even a single clue of what it was. Thinking positively seems impossible at 1 A.M. when you are stuck on an unknown dark path with a thirsty throat. 

Crisis always instills fuel in our bodies. The fight-and-flight mode the body gets into made Ethan turn his car headlights from low beam to high, and drive at an unexplainable speed. He drove the car at the maximum speed he could, and went too far. 

Vehicles do not understand fear and emergency. The car stopped at a place where there was no hope for light, habitation, or water. Damn, it is seriously a bad night for Ethan. He stepped out of the car in search of hope. ANOTHER BAD DECISION!

At this moment he finally accepted his fate and the fact that he would not get any help at this hour. The moment he sat back in the car and shut its door, he heard the noise of not one but two doors at the same time. He felt his head freeze in fear. He summoned the last ounce of courage to turn back. The moment he turned back, he found a strong wind coming from his face, but no one sitting in the car. Now, not only the path or the night, but his own car felt suffocating. For a moment, he cursed himself for leaving his water bottle in the office, but it seemed that all of this was predestined to happen.

Now, the only option left with the man was to drive the car and find a way out. He drove the car but was super scared of the unknown passenger. To add to the woes, another strange incident happened. The tires of the car could not bear the long-hour travel on the harsh streets anymore, or perhaps, they too were conspiring against the man to make him fall into the trap. Yes, the car suddenly stopped at an unknown place. Now, all the man wished for was a rescuer. With the car tires not ready to move ahead, and the spooky passenger in the car, he could not help himself getting out of the car. After stepping out of the car, Ethan, an atheist, started believing in God all of a sudden. Critical situations never fail to bring mankind close to spirituality!

Now, after reciting a few prayers in his head, the man opened his eyes in the hope of finding a ray of help. 


Suddenly, he saw a strange hut in the distance.

Image Source: Freepik



The design of the hut did not demonstrate any signs of modern construction, but at this hour, Ethan could not think of exterior designs. He picked up his phone that was dead and all his essentials to the hut. He did not know whether the hut was a safe place to ask for help or not, but the very fact that the hut may be made by a living human once was enough to keep him faithful. He ran the fastest he could to the hut. If at all he was at home right now, he would have drank a gallon of water all at once. However, right now, he could only swallow.

Running short of breath, he tried knocking at the door of the house in the hope of a human response. However, the door automatically opened from the inside with a creaky sound, as if the hut was waiting for his arrival. No, this could not be a safe place to enter.

Logic hit him hard and Ethan took a step back. At this point, any prudent man would have thought of going back to the car and that's what Ethan planned to do, but perhaps, destiny had other plans. Before he could go back to his car, he saw his car automatically coming at him, slowly and steadily. Yes, there definitely was a passenger in the car with him traveling. 

Seeing his car slowly coming at him made Ethan jump inside the house without a single thought. He himself locked the door from the inside, pinned himself to the door, and closed his eyes. At this hour, he did not want to open his eyes, but after 2 minutes of intense fear, he succumbed to the courage to open his eyes.



He was in a dark room. On his right, he found something that would scare anyone out of their wits. Beside his right foot lay a tiny bottle of water. Ethan had always been a brave child in school, and perhaps this courage made him bend and pick up the bottle. The bottle cap had the name of a brand name of fresh drinking water, but when on Earth did this brand start selling red, bloody water packed in water bottles. All this was not enough for the unknown powers surrounding Ethan, that a tiny piece of paper flew and kiss his right shoe slightly. With trembling hands, he picked up the paper, that had the scariest words possible written-


"The water you had been looking for, or perhaps, the water you may need in a while..."


The next morning, doctors explained Ethan's unconscious condition as a result of dehydration or stress, but only Ethan and the night knows the tale.

Was Ethan in delusion all this while, or was the night really not favorable for Ethan?


While Ethan is all speechless and in sheer shock, we give you the chance to make a call.

Can you find anything terrifying in the room?

Image Source: The Conversation



Well, after investigating clearly, we found something unimaginable!

Image Source: The Conversation


We too are in shock. It clearly was Ethan's fate that made him forget his water bottle, follow the unknown path, and reach the haunted room. But the question is, why did this happen to Ethan? And what is the story of this haunted journey and hut?

Well, some worlds are clearly unexplainable!

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