Optical Illusion: Who said dinosaurs are extinct? One is still alive! Can you find the hidden dinosaur?

While all the dinosaurs have been extinct, one could survive and is today a part of this fun challenge. Can you find the hidden dinosaur in not more than 10 seconds?
Find the hidden dinosaur!
Find the hidden dinosaur!

Recall those scary dinosaur stories you used to listen to as a part of your bedtime ritual by your mum and dad! While you were all fascinated and a bit scared by the thought of a dinosaur, your parents assured you that you do not have any dangers from one, as all have been extinct. What if we tell you that not all dinosaurs are extinct? Would you believe us?



We all know what happened a few million years ago to all the dinosaurs of the world. About sixty-six million years ago, a devastating asteroid struck the earth, leading to the extinction of all dinosaurs on the planet. Indeed, dinosaurs were not having a very good day that day. However, not all dinosaurs were this unlucky. Paul, a tiny little dinosaur, saw all the devastation with his eyes but was saved as he drowned in the sea for a while. The sea waves too were incredibly dangerous, but not risky as the asteroid hit. However, with God’s grace and the heavy waves, Paul managed to reach the shore, all wet. While it is difficult to say whether there were any vets available around sixty-six million years ago, if there would be some, all would unanimously agree to the fact that Paul will not be able to survive. However, destiny had other plans for Paul. After a deep sleep of over two hundred years of deep sleep, Paul woke up with the first ray of the sun. This was Paul’s second chance at life. He woke up, with an adult body, and felt disassociated with the new place. It took him hours to recall and discover what happened, and after hours and days of deep introspection and adjoining the pieces of the puzzle, Paul was able to get the whole story. However, it is never too easy to accept a hard past. Paul cried and cried for hours, for the loss of his family and dear ones. We don’t know if there were any newspapers in those times, but if there were, all would read the same headlines ‘All dinosaurs extinct from the planet!”. This very news made Paul regret staying alive. The fact that he can never find anyone like his own in the whole world made him mourn even more. We don’t know if there were any psychologists in those times, but if they were, all would say that Paul is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


Phew! Paul has a tough past!


Now that it is 2023, Paul is now a grown-up man and is still looking for a friend. While no matter how much you and we sympathize with Paul, making a dinosaur your friend is never a good idea.


And oh, partying in the wake of a hidden dinosaur too is not a good idea.


So what do we have to do now?

Well, let’s first begin with finding the hidden dinosaur, Paul!

Optical Illusion: Black and white stripes are here! Can you find the hidden zebra?

The rules


Here we are back again we a find the hidden animal challenge. The rules of the game are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find the hidden dinosaur in not more than 10 seconds. While there were no smartphones in the times when the asteroid hit millions of years ago, thankfully, we have our favorite smartphones in our hands today. Let's use them to keep track of the time. Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Now, start looking for the hidden dinosaur just when the timer starts, and stop just when the timer asks you to. Remember, cheating with a dinosaur is never a good idea!

Excited? Here you go!


Find the hidden dinosaur in just 10 seconds!

Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)


Grrr! Could you hear the roar of Paul, the hidden dinosaur?


Well, here he is hiding!


Image Source: Best Quiz (YouTube)

Now that you have successfully found the hidden dinosaur, can anyone please tell us what should we do to help Paul?

What do we do in cases when we eagerly wish to help a fictional creature, but are terribly scared by it? Well, we end the tale! PROBLEM SOLVED!


Optical Illusion: This tiny bird is playing hide and seek with us? Can you find the hidden bird?

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