Personality Test: The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Greatest Personality Traits

Personality Test: Today, we bring you a fun test to learn more about yourself. There are 6 butterflies in the following picture but you have to pick only one of them. The butterfly you choose reveals your greatest personality traits. Read on to find out how.
Personality Test: The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Greatest Personality Traits
Personality Test: The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Greatest Personality Traits

Personality Test: Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. These lovely and often colorful insects are effective pollinators and hold a key place in the food chain. Apart from beautifying any ecosystem, be it the smallest garden or a blooming farm, butterflies also signify the health of an ecosystem. They reduce carbon dioxide, eliminate pests, and help induce genetic variation in plants.

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Some butterflies may look scary, but they are completely harmless. However, due to their abundance and variety (almost 20,000 species exist in nature), a butterfly can invoke different reactions in people. Some people like the two-winged butterflies, others the four-winged ones. Some like brightly coloured butterflies, and some prefer dark or monotonous ones. It’s all a matter of personal choice. But what’s the reason behind this behaviour—have you ever wondered?

Apparently, there's a link between your personality and the type of butterfly you like. Take this viral butterfly personality test consisting of six magnificent butterflies. The butterfly you choose reveals your greatest personality traits.

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Personality Test: The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Greatest Personality Traits

The Butterfly You Choose Reveals Your Greatest Personality Traits

Butterfly #1

Personality Test Butterfly 1

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Enthusiasm and Exploration

If you have selected this butterfly, it implies that you are an exuberant and passionate person who finds joy in all aspects of life and maintains an optimistic outlook, even in tough times. Your aspiration and objective in life is to acquire as many amazing life experiences as possible because you believe that this is the fundamental essence of existence. Your biggest fear is boredom. It's like a prison for your mind, and you just can't remain stationary.

Despite your ability to complete tasks on time, you frequently struggle with meeting deadlines. You tend to multitask and attempt to accomplish several things simultaneously, which may cause you to lose focus and hamper your productivity due to your excitement. However, this quality is a significant aspect of your character that sets you apart, and you should mould it into a strength instead of trying to change it.

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Butterfly #2

Personality Test Butterfly 2

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Creativity and Perfection

If you picked butterfly 2, you possess the ability to perceive beauty in everything, unlike many people in the world. You don't merely see a flower, you visualize an entire universe within it. You possess a natural inclination to analyze everything, even when it is unnecessary. For you, analyzing is a method of understanding life, which contributes to your logical and mature behaviour.

When it comes to your job, you value perfection and prioritize delivering exceptional work, even if it means missing deadlines. This drive for excellence may lead to workaholic tendencies, but it does not concern you because you are passionate about your work. You find happiness in the little things.

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Butterfly #3

Personality Test Butterfly 3

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Ambitions and Hard Work

If butterfly 3 is your pick, you are a dreamer. You believe that you have a great purpose in life and work hard to achieve and excel in it. You are driven by ambition, and laziness has no place in your life. You prefer to surround yourself with hardworking individuals instead of slackers.

You strive for security and like most people, fear failure. But you have made a wonderful social circle of like-minded people who share in your ups and highs. You value your personal life as much as your professional goals and realize that your accomplishments are only meaningful when shared with your loved ones.

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Butterfly #4

Personality Test Butterfly 4

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Logic and Idealism

Those who choose the fourth butterfly are a rare breed. You possess a logical and idealistic personality. People often seek your honest and constructive advice or criticism as you can easily separate your emotions and offer an unbiased perspective. You do not allow yourself to become carried away and always think rationally. You are not a judgemental person who only believes in right and wrong. You prefer to think critically and check all the angles of a situation. You prioritize morality above everything else. Doing the right thing is a must in your life, as you can't live without having a clear conscience.

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Butterfly #5

Personality Test Butterfly 5

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Calmness

If you chose butterfly 5, you are a peaceful person who values calm and tranquillity above all else. You crave balance in your life and constantly work to maintain it at all times. You believe balance is the key to happiness and make strict boundaries and rules to separate your private and work life. You also tend to panic and lose heart easily in difficult situations. But you fight your way through them in silence and conceal your thoughts from others. You believe in addressing your own problems.

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Butterfly #6

Personality Test Butterfly 6

Image Source:

Greatest Personality Traits: Sensitivity and Honesty

If you chose butterfly 6, you are one of the most unique people on the planet. You are sensitive, honest and possess strong feelings. You are highly compassionate, even towards strangers. You have the ability to put yourself in other's shoes, which makes you intensely empathetic. You often prioritize other people's needs and feelings over your own. This harms your personal and professional life sometimes, but you can't live without helping others. You aren't the cutthroat, backstabbing, corporate-ladder climbing individual. You also tend to suppress your own emotions. However, thanks to your kind nature, you make long-lasting relationships, and your loved ones are there to care for you when you need it, even if you rarely express your feelings.

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Personality Tests are a fun way of learning new things about yourself. But that's all they are. No personality test or quiz is a hundred per cent accurate, as every person is unique in their own way. So, if you don't fit in with any of the above personality traits, don't be disheartened. Maybe, you are too special and unique to be categorised as one of six types of people. As for those who enjoyed this butterfly personality test, be sure to tell us in the comments and share it with your friends. Let's all get to know ourselves and have fun doing it.

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Are personality tests accurate?

No personality test is a hundred percent accurate but they can often reveal your deepest traits. You’ll have to keep exploring to know more about yourself.

What is the butterfly personality test?

The butterfly personality test is a viral quiz on the web that features 6 beautiful butterflies in a group. A person has to pick any one of the butterfly to reveal his or her greatest personality traits.
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