Picture Puzzle: Check Your Concentration Power, 1% Smartest Can Find 5 Differences In This Christmas Picture In 11 Seconds

Picture Puzzles: Merry Christmas! Do you know why you are good at spotting the difference picture puzzles and brain teasers? Check your concentration level and focus! Find 5 Differences In This Christmas Picture In 11 Seconds.
Picture Puzzle: Spot 5 Differences In This Christmas Picture In 11 Seconds, Check Concentration Power
Picture Puzzle: Spot 5 Differences In This Christmas Picture In 11 Seconds, Check Concentration Power

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! And we also bring you some fun puzzles, and brain teasers wrapped with the name of Christmas games to make your evenings more fun. Spot the Differences has been a popular brain teaser in which we have to observe two sets of similar pictures to find the differences or missing elements.

Share this Christmas picture puzzle with your friends and family tonight and challenge them to find 5 differences in this Christmas picture in 11 seconds. Check out why you are good at games such as Spotting the Difference.

Picture puzzles and brain teasers in which we have to spot the differences activate a certain portion of our brain which is the right posterior parietal cortex. This area of the brain activates our cognitive powers to achieve attention, accuracy, concentration, and focus after it receives information from sensory organs such as the eyes in the case of the spot the difference game.

Let us see how good you are at Spotting the Differences. Remember the challenge is to spot all 5 differences in 11 seconds. Look at the image carefully and do not scroll to the bottom, we have provided the answers at the end.

Picture Puzzle: Spot All 5 Differences in 11 Seconds, Test Your Concentration Skills

Christmas Games Picture PuzzleHere we have two similar Christmas pictures in which the image on the right has few differences compared to the image on the left. Now we know that words or objects are morphed or removed cleverly in picture puzzles, brain teasers, and optical illusion images in such a way that only a logical and analytical mind can spot them. One has to have high brain power, a high level of intelligence, and strong observation skills to solve them.

Here we have posted Images 1 and Image 2 for you to see clearly. Spot the differences in Image 2:

Image 1

Christmas Games Spot The Difference

Image 2

Christmas Games Spot The Difference

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How many differences did you spot? Check your concentration power

Do share this picture puzzle with your friends and family. Challenge them to find all 5 differences in 11 seconds. How many differences did you spot till now? Look carefully at every object such as trees, reindeer, socks, etc.

Did you spot all 5 differences? Let us reveal the results!

Do you find trouble spotting differences? One reason may be that your brain finds it difficult to filter out small details in order to remain focused. In brain teasers and picture puzzles such as Spot the Difference, one has to engage a lot of brain areas and cognitive functions such as identifying the objects, analyzing and remembering what you see in one picture, and comparing the findings with what you see in a similar set of that picture. This utilizes your power of short-term memory. Among other reasons, psychologists have also noticed change blindness when presented with two similar sets of images to look at.

Change blindness is a perceptual phenomenon that occurs when a change in a visual stimulus is introduced, and the observer does not notice it. In simple terms, one is not able to detect that an object has been moved or removed in nearly identical images.

Well, coming back to our picture puzzle. Were you able to spot all 5 differences? Let us see.

There are a total of 5 differences, as we know. Check the image below:

1. Snowman’s cap

2. Christmas Tree Star

3. Christmas Socks

4. Snow on Merry Christmas Board

5. House Door

Christmas Games Spot The Difference

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Great Work! You Spotted All 5 Differences, Know Why You Are Good At 'Spot The Difference' Game

Research and psychologists around the world have found that not all of the human population is good at spotting changes in their immediate environment, especially between two nearly identical images. Many people fail to notice the differences even when they are actively engaged in looking for changes.

Why you are good at spotting changes easily? The right posterior parietal cortex area of your brain is healthy and becomes active when you are presented with a problem or puzzles. You are perceptive. You have great observation and analytical skills. You have exceptional visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills. You are highly detail-oriented, nothing escapes your eyes. You are good at working under the pressure of time running out. You have a good IQ and good memory skills.

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