Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Only Highly Intelligent People Can Identify the Safest Door for Exit in 13 Seconds!

Picture Puzzle IQ Test: There are three doors in the picture, and only one is the safest of all the doors. Only highly intelligent people can identify the best exit door in 13 seconds. Are you one of them?
Find Safest Door For Exit in 13 Seconds
Find Safest Door For Exit in 13 Seconds

Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Mental exercise is very necessary in order to sharpen our brains and the picture puzzle IQ test is one of the best activities with which you can sharpen your brain.

In a picture puzzle IQ test, the user is presented with an image with a scenario and based on that the user needs to take certain decisions.

Decision-making is done by utilising critical thinking which requires the use of the brain. The image is given in the form of a picture riddle in which certain questions are asked to the user.

The user needs to find the answer to the puzzle by understanding the puzzle and using logical and analytical reasoning skills.

Regularly practising such riddles helps sharpen the brain and increase awareness.

It has also been linked to better mental health by preventing cognitive decline in older age.

Here is one interesting puzzle IQ challenge for you where you need to determine which door is the safest and why?

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

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Picture Puzzle IQ Test - Identify Safest Door in 13 Seconds


Source: Bright Side

The image shared above puts users in the shoes of a guy who has somehow landed in a precarious position.

He has to escape this house and when he arrived at the exit there was not one but three choices.

The first door is made up of glass and is reflecting the sunlight, the second door contains poisonous gas and the third door has a lion behind it.

Now, you need to determine which door will be the safest to escape.

Put on your thinking cap and see if you can manage to come up with interesting conclusions.

Look at the image carefully and study all the possible aspects that will ensure a safe escape from the house.

Time is running out.

Only a few seconds remaining.






Time’s up.

Well, the time limit is over.

Have you managed to identify the safest door?

This is a tricky challenge which will test how good your decision-making skills are.

You can take some more time to find the best solution.

If you have already found out the answer, then you can match your answer which is provided below.

But do not jump straight to the answer before solving the puzzle as it won’t be beneficial for the brain.

So, have you identified the best door for the exit now?

Curious to find out which is the safest door and why?

Check out the solution below.

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Picture Puzzle IQ Test - Answer

The solution to this puzzle is that the first door is the safest door for the exit because the room is filled with glass and when the sun stops shining, the heat will reduce and it will be easy to exit without causing any significant damage.


There will be certain damage if any of the other two doors were chosen.

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