Picture Puzzle: Can You Spot The Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds, Test Your Intelligence Level

Picture Puzzle Hidden Objects: Check your intelligence and observation skills. See if you can spot the hidden bee in this brain-teasing puzzle of animals. Can you solve it?
Picture Puzzle Spot the Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds
Picture Puzzle Spot the Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds

Picture puzzles and brain teasers have always been a great source of enhancing cognitive skills, training the mind to think quickly, strengthening problem-solving skills, improving memory, stimulating both sides of our brain, and increasing our IQ levels. Today, we bring you a brain-teasing picture puzzle that has stumped the internet. This picture puzzle is a courtesy of a Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás who creates picture puzzles with hidden objects.

In this picture puzzle, Dudás has created a picture where animals are playing in a field of flowers. Somewhere, there is also a bee enjoying a happy spring day in the field. Can you spot this tiny bee hidden in the picture?

Share this Brain Teasing Picture Puzzle with your friends and family for them to take the challenge of finding the hidden bee in this picture puzzle in 11 seconds.

If you did not know how brain teasers and picture puzzles are beneficial, let us tell you an interesting fact. When you solve picture puzzles and brain teasers, it aids in keeping your right posterior parietal cortex active and healthy which in turn enhances your cognitive powers to increase attention span, focus and accuracy, and concentration power.

Let us see how good you are at spotting the hidden bee. Remember the challenge is to spot the hidden bee in 11 seconds. Look at the image carefully and do not scroll to the bottom, we have provided the answers at the end.

Spot the Hidden Bee in 11 Seconds In This Picture Puzzle, Test Your IQ Level and Concentration Power

 Picture Puzzle Brain Teaser Spot the Hidden Bee

Picture Credits: Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás

Brain teasers and picture puzzles are challenging mental exercise that promotes stimulation of both the left and right sides of the brain. Stimulation of the right side of the brain regulates emotional intelligence, creativity, and intuitive thinking while the left side of the brain regulates the logical side.

To be able to spot the words or objects that are morphed or removed cleverly in picture puzzles, brain teasers, and optical illusion images requires high IQ levels, brain power, logical, analytical, and creative mind.

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Did you spot the hidden bee? Check your observation skills

Do share this picture puzzle with your friends and family. Challenge them to find the hidden bee in 11 seconds. Did you spot the hidden bee? Look carefully at the image. Have a look again before scrolling down, the answer is revealed below.

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Let us reveal the results!

Do you find trouble spotting the hidden bee? See, one has to engage a lot of cognitive functions and brain power while solving picture puzzles and brain teasers. One has to filter out a lot of details and analyze objects and remember details. One has to have a strong short-term memory. Sometimes, one may also have change blindness due to which one may not be able to detect changes in objects or differentiate the color or visual changes.

Well, coming back to our picture puzzle. Were you able to spot the hidden bee? Let us see.

Check the image below, the bee is hidden near the upper right corner of the image, flying near the flowerpot and the raccoon.

Picture Puzzle Brain Teaser Spot the Hidden Bee

Picture Credits: Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás

Great Work! You Spotted the Hidden Bee, Know Why You Are Good At Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Psychologists and IQ studies have shown that people who are good at solving puzzles and brain teasers usually have enhanced memory and visual search recognition. As they play such brain-teasing games that improve their brain function and enhance their intelligence by approximately 2.5 IQ points more than the average IQ level.

Why you are good at brain teasers and puzzles? You are good at blocking out information in the background to analyze and make judgments. Your brain is able to cope with confusion and ambiguity. You are analytical and creative at the same time. You are intelligent due to your high-functioning brain and observation skills. You may be able to tell which objects are moving quickly or are different from the rest. You are good at problem-solving and time management. Your perceptual skills are stronger than a human being with an average IQ. Your visual attention and comparison skills are high. You are highly adaptable and possess high self-control.

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