Save Buxwaha Forest Online Campaign: All you need to know

Hundreds of thousands of people from all across India, including Madhya Pradesh came forward to save 2.15 Lakh trees to be cut for Buxwaha diamond mines in Chhatarpur area. Know about the online campaign to save this forest here
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#SaveBuxwahaForest Campaign
#SaveBuxwahaForest Campaign

Buxwaha Forest: Latest News

One lakh and twelve thousand people from all over the country including Madhya Pradesh have come forward to save 2.15 Lakh trees to be cut for Buxwaha diamond mine in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

It was started on the eve of World Environment Day, which is on June 5th this year. 

About the issue: What does the petition in NGT say?

The issue of a proposed diamond project in Buxwaha Forest in Madhya Pradesh's Chhatarpur has landed in the National Green Tribunal of the Bhopal Bench. A resident from Jabalpur has moved green watchdog against the project. His petition asked the court to squash the permission granted to diamonds being mined in the forest area. 

He also claimed that the permission contradicted the sustainable development provision as ordered by the Supreme Court of India and the NGT itself. 

Also the project would impact over 8000 forest dwellers also as the government of the state has no welfare plan for them. 

The last addition to the plea is that it would cause a major ecological imbalance and the groundwater resources would also be affected in the area due to the construction of the mine. 

Save Buxwaha Forest Campaign: About

  1. On the World Environment Day a countrywide online campaign was launched for the conservation of the Buxwaha forest. It was done by the group named Without Nature Dark Future who aimed to save the forest from being chopped down to initiate diamond mining. 
  2. More than 5000 people turned out as participants and various videos of the campaign were shared on social media. They were also viewed by more than one million people on social media platforms. 
  3. The voices were against more than 2.15 lakh trees that would reach the chippers from around 382 hectares of land. 
  4. Environmentalists are also questioning the move of the Government when a pandemic has already hit the country and low oxygen levels are a reason for people's death. 

Take a look at various tweets below from the movement.

Many have expressed their discontent on the issue, be it social organizations or individuals. 

About Buxwaha Diamond Project:

  1. The Bunder Diamond Block is a Greenfield Mining Project that covers an area of 364 Ha in Buxwaha Protected Forest. 
  2. It is located in Sagoria village of Buxwaha Tehsil in Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh. 
  3. The project is spread in about 80 kilometres from Chhatarpur. Its headquarters are 260 km from Bhopal 
  4. Rio Tinto Exploration India Pvt Ltd was exploring the project 
  5. As per estimates, the block contains around 53.70 million tonnes of Kimberlite Ore and contains around 34 million carats of rough diamonds. 
  6. The estimated value if right is 15 times more than the Panna diamond reserves that are known globally. 
  7. Now Essel Mining and Industries Limited which is an Aditya Birla Group Company has won the bid for the project. It was tendered by the then Government of Kamal Nath. 
  8. The issue is that the Government identified only 62.64 hectare land for mining but the company is demanding 383 hectares now which would include the part of Buxwaha Forest and would be used for dumping the debris. The people who live around there are very much against it. 

Save Buxwaha Committee:

A committee was formed after the issue reached NGT. A group of volunteers planted saplings on the world environment day and held meetings at Bhimkund for saving the forests. 

A member of the protest, Sharad Singh said, “we have formed a core committee for Bundelkhand as the forest will impact many districts like Sagar, Damoh, Chhatarpur and others"

They have demanded a public hearing on this matter.

Buxwaha forests are important source of Khair, Bel, Dhava, Seja, Ghoat, Renjha, Amltas and Sagon. These trees are heavy wood trees and are extremely useful in the timber industry. 

A large variety of animals like Indian Gazelle , Chowsingha, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Monitor Lizard and Indian Rumped Vulture and Peacock find their home. These animals are listed in Schedule 1 of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972. 

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What trees are found in Buxwaha?

Khair, Bel, Dhava, Seja, Ghoat, Renjha, Amltas and Sagon are among the trees found in Buxwaha Forests.

Why is the Save Buxwaha Forest movement started?

Save Buxwaha Forest campaign was started due to diamond mining project that is to be initiated soon

What is the name of the movement started to save Buxwaha forest?

#SaveBuxwahaForest Campaign has been started to save Buxwaha Forest

Where is Buxwaha Forest found?

Buxwaha forests are found in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh India
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    • AnmolJun 24, 2021
      I am angry, how can govt. allow this. The forest is lungs of our and earth's . Govt. should stop this before it's too late.
    • SnakeJun 19, 2021
      Rio Tinto is an evil corporation which has destroyed forests around the world.Climate chamge is going to kill us all and these ghouls are looking for shiny rocks to sell to idiots.