Seek and Find: Find the coffee mug among office supplies in 6 seconds!

Seek and Find: Test the sharpness of your eyes by finding the coffee mug hiding among the office supplies in the picture in 6 seconds. Attempt now!
Find the coffee mug among office supplies in 6 seconds
Find the coffee mug among office supplies in 6 seconds

Seek and find puzzles test the reader's ability to solve the problem by finding the correct answer for the puzzle presented to them.


Solving seek and find puzzles requires great co-ordination between the eyes and the brain and high attention to detail.


As it engages the eyes and the brain, it is considered a great exercise for improving observation skills and brain health, thereby providing protection against cognitive decline in old age.


Do you want to improve your observation skills?


Then attempt this challenge now!


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Seek and Find Puzzle: Find Hidden Coffee Mug in 6 Seconds


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In the image shared above, readers can see office supplies scattered around.


Hidden among the office supplies is a lone coffee mug.


The challenge for the readers is to find a hidden coffee mug located somewhere in the picture and you have 6 seconds to spot it.


Individuals with high attention to detail will be able to find the coffee mug quickly.


Your time starts now.


Focus your eyes on the image, and see if you can spot the coffee mug quickly.


This will be a good test of your attention to detail.


Have you spotted the coffee mug?


Hurry up; time is running out.


Check the image carefully.


The coffee mug might be right in front of you.




Time’s up.


By now, most of you might have spotted the hidden coffee mug with your sharp eyes.


If you are unable to spot the coffee mug within the time limit, you can check out the solution given below.


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Find Coffee Mug in 6 Seconds: Solution

The coffee mug can be spotted on the top part of the image, a little above the centre.


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