Seek and Find Puzzle: Only the brightest minds can spot the frog in the tree in 3 seconds. Can you?

The seek-and-find challenge is an excellent tool to test your observation skills. Want to test how sharp your observation powers are? Then find a frog in the tree within 3 seconds
Find Frog in 3 Seconds
Find Frog in 3 Seconds

Seek and Find Puzzle: The “seek and find” puzzle is based on the premise of finding a hidden item within a picture within a time limit.

The hidden item can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc. This activity is beneficial in boosting concentration and enhancing your observation skills.

In this activity, you will be presented with an image, and the challenge before you will be to spot the hidden item. It is a quick and easy way to test how detail-oriented you are.

Do you want to test how attentive you are?

Then attempt this quick challenge now.

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Seek and Find - Find the Frog in 3 Seconds


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The image shared above presents a tree scene in which you need to spot a frog in 3 seconds.

Individuals with sharp observation skills will be able to spot the frog within the time limit.

Look carefully at the image, scan all the areas and see if you can spot the frog.

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Did you find the Frog in 3 Seconds?

Finding the frog in the show in 3 seconds is a difficult task.

But individuals with excellent observation skills will spot the frog faster than others.

Have you spotted the frog?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking fast.

Did you spot the frog now?


Time’s up.

How many of you spotted the frog in the image successfully?

We believe most of you might have spotted the frog by now, while some are still searching.

Wondering where the frog is?

Stop looking and check out the solution below.

Find the Frog in 3 Seconds - Solution

The frog can be spotted on the left side of the image, it is resting on a branch. The frog seen here is known as the Gray Treefrog which is commonly found in parts of the United States and Canada.


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