Sikandar Lodi: Administration and Achievements

Sikandar Lodi, whose real name was Nizam Khan, rose the throne of Delhi in 1489 A.D. and administered up to 1517 A.D. He was the second ruler of Lodhi dynasty. Sikandar Lodi was the child of first Lodhi king, Bahlul Lodi. After the passing of Bahlul Lodi, he turned into the Sultan of Delhi Sultanate.
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Sikandar Lodi or Nizam Khan the second ruler of Lodhi dynasty ruled Delhi from 1489 A.D. to 1517 A.D. He succeeded his father Bahlul Lodhi. He was considered as the best Sultan of the Lodi dynasty.

Sikandar Lodi was a courageous fighter who, immediately after gaining the throne, started to work towards saving and expanding the power of the Delhi Empire. He was against his senior brother Barbak, who had accepted the title of an independent lord. He was crushed and taken prisoner however was later discharged.

  • He paid his attention towards Husain Sharqi of Jaunpur. He defeated him and gained power of Banaras and his armed force. In this manner the entire of Jaunpur went into his hands.
  • In 1495 Bihar was effectively conquered and the Sultan selected his own particular officers to take care of the work of organizations here.
  • The princes of Dholpur, Chanderi and Gwalior were likewise stifled.
  • With a perspective of practicing a successful control over his governors of Etawah, Biyana, Koil, Gwalior and Dholpur, Sikandar Lodi established the framework of another city of Agra in 1503 A.D. This made him as the central command of his armed force.


Sikandar Lodi was a daring officer as well as an awesome administrator.

  • The records of different officers were completely checked and instances of theft were seriously punished.
  • A strict eye was kept on temporary governors for their proper working.
  • A proficient arrangement of secret activities was kept up to keep a strict watch over the governors, nobles and different uncivilized components of the state.
  • Like Balban he generally maintained the dignity of his office and did not mix so openly with the individuals. He never allotted any high post to a man of low birth.
  • The interest of the poor was altogether cared for.
  • For the progress of exchange different new roads were built and each effort was made to keep them free from cheats and burglars.
  • Sikandar Lodi organized and controlled the entire system of his kingdom with a proper arrangement and administration.

Religious Policy

Despite his being a decent supervisor Sikandar Lodi did not believed in all religions. Sikandar Lodi encouraged Hindus to follow Islam and for this reason he utilized both sword and cash. Because of his religious enthusiasm Sikandar Lodi, as Aurangzeb, could not sustain much and he fixed the destiny of his administration by gaining several of enemies.

Character and Achievements

He is considered as the best of the Lodi Sultans. He was very a decent executive:

  • He was a great victor who attempted to save the enormity of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • He incredibly broadened the limits of his realm by adding Jaunpur, Chanderi, Dholpur and Gwalior. He effectively kept the wild boss and the disobedient governors under his control.
  • Sikandar was likewise an incredible lover of equity. He himself heard the complaints of even the poorest and gave judgment without partiality.
  • He was additionally an incredible supporter of craftsmanship and writing.
  • He established the new city of Agra and designed it with numerous mind blowing structures and awesome buildings.
  • He himself was a great researcher who could create verses in rich Persian. He had a strong memory to store a large amount of valuable information.
  • He extended his support to the educated and translated incredible works Sanskrit into Persian.

Sikandar Lodi died in 1517 and was succeeded by his child, Ibrahim Lodi.

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