Solve Math Puzzles With Santa

Puzzles and brain teasers tend to engage both sides of the brain, which enhances logical thinking skills while fostering creativity. Here are some Christmas math puzzles to keep children occupied and enhance their attention spans.
Solve Math Puzzles with Santa
Solve Math Puzzles with Santa

Solve Math Puzzles With Santa: It’s the Christmas season and all of us are in a festive mood. Schools have shut down for the holidays and children eagerly wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas and fill their stockings with gifts.

Math puzzles are fun and excellent educational tools for you to challenge your minds and think critically.

Solving these fun Christmas puzzles will help you get more in the Christmas spirit while also improving your math skills.

A win-win, right?

Go ahead and put your mind to the test!

Christmas Puzzles 

Puzzle 1

Each letter represents a different digit. Can you find the value of each letter?



Answer: 1096 + 1096 + 1096 = 3288
(This is actually one of the solutions. There are 9 more of them. Can you find them?)


Puzzle 2

Find the value of x.



Answer: 3


Puzzle 3



Answer: 40°


Puzzle 4

Tim has a box of ornaments that he uses each year to decorate his Christmas tree.

All of them are blue, except for twelve.

All of them are green, except for twelve.

All of them are red, except for twelve.

How many of each coloured ornament does Tim have?


Answer: Tim has 18 ornaments in total; 6 blue, 6 green and 6 red;


Puzzle 5

Place each of the numbers from 1 to 10 on the ornaments below so that every line adds up to the same number. There are five lines (there are three lines containing four ornaments, one line with three ornaments, and one line with just two ornaments).









Those puzzles were fun to solve right? Solving puzzles is always fun for you to engage with math problems in a creative way. We hope these special Christmas-themes puzzles have raised your spirits for the holidays!


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