Tech Guide: What is the Ambient Mode on YouTube?

Ambient mode is a new youtube feature that amplifies the user interface with respect to the video you are watching. Read and learn to enable and disable this feature.
What is YouTube Ambient Mode?
What is YouTube Ambient Mode?

More than 2.5 billion people use the social media and video-sharing website YouTube each month, watching more than one billion hours of content daily. And YouTube has added a brand-new function called Ambient Mode to enhance this social impact, which is unprecedented.

What is YouTube Ambient Mode?

The default YouTube player can be made more immersive with Ambient Mode by allowing the borders to leak a subtle color gradient based on the content you are watching. Both iOS and Android have access to this feature.

How does the Ambient Mode work?

Your viewing experience will be more immersive thanks to YouTube's Ambient mode, which is dynamic and instantly changes the background colour whenever the colours in the video change. The feature only functions in the dark mode because of how it is designed.

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How do I change Youtube to ambient mode?

Ambient Mode isn't turned on by default, users need to follow a few steps for it to work. And on iOS, Android, or the desktop, the Dark Theme needs to be turned on before you can use Ambient Mode.

Steps to turn on Dark mode:

For iOS and Android

  • In YouTube, tap your profile image in the top right corner > Go to Settings > Appearance > Select Dark Theme.

For Desktop: 

  • Click your profile image in the top right corner > Appearance > Select Dark Theme.

Enabling Ambient Mode:

  • Once you have enabled the Dark Theme, play any video on YouTube either on iOS, Android, or Desktop.
  • Tap the gear icon in the YouTube player, and select Ambient Mode. 
  • Now you can toggle between on and off by tapping it. 

Now, when the color of a video changes, the glow around the YouTube player will also change, creating a fun effect.

Steps to Disable Ambient Mode

  • On the watch page, tap Settings.
  • Tap Ambient mode.
  • Toggle to turn Ambient mode off for all videos.

YouTube has been a crucial tool for influencing internet trends, popular culture, and the rise of millionaire celebrities. Users can also take pleasure in a soft gradient texture surrounding the video players after activating the Ambient mode.

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