These are the top 6 costliest cities in India that might create a hole in your pockets!

India is often considered as a cost-effective country. However, these top 6 Indian cities may cost you a fortune. Read on.
Top 6 most expensive cities in India!
Top 6 most expensive cities in India!

India is a country of rich culture and customs. It is a country that takes immense pride in its roots, literature, values, and heritage. And oh, one cannot miss admiring its beautiful variety of terrain, From Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean beaches to the plains, all are immensely breathtaking. No wonder it attracts people from all parts of the world, not only for traveling purposes but also to start a fresh life in the country.


While the above-mentioned reasons are enough to embark upon a new life journey in the country, what attracts folks even more toward India is that India is considered a cost-effective country worldwide. However, this reason is not as robust as it was a few years ago, as the expenses in some cities are escalating by leaps and bounds.


For instance, the real estate sector had earlier seen a downfall due to the COVID havoc, but is now ready for a huge recovery leap, making some of the Indian cities extremely costly.


If you are an international employee seeking residence in the beautiful country of India, avoid the below-mentioned 6 Indian cities if you do not wish to create a hole in your pockets. Yes, a survey conducted by Mercer in June mentioned 6 costliest Indian cities for international employees.


6 most expensive cities in India that may cost you a fortune!


1. Mumbai


Often called the city of dreams in India and India’s financial capital, Mumbai is undoubtedly the costliest city in the country. Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living City Ranking ranks Mumbai as the most expensive city in India.


What makes Mumbai expensive?


Flooded with opportunities in the commerce and film industry, Mumbai attracts lakhs of people, especially youngsters, across the country. Moreover, note that the city is covered with sea from three sides, leaving no space for expansion. Note that the city is home to 31,700 people per square kilometer.


This makes the city the most crowded city in India. You guessed right, Mumbai is extremely expensive due to its high property prices. Both residential and commercial land spaces in the city come at an extremely high price.


Nevertheless, the high prices do not stop folks from planning to start their beautiful life in the city. Why? Well, Mumbai as a city is a master of all trades. While on one hand, it forces you to spend so much more than you can afford, on the other hand, it floods enormous opportunities in all trades at your doorstep.


Despite ranking among the top 40 most expensive cities in Asia for expatriates, no wonder it is one of the most loved cities in the country.

2. New Delhi

The national capital of India is not only famous for its good things. Sometimes, it becomes infamous for the wrong things as well, like it is famous for being supremely costly. Yes, New Delhi is ranked 155 on the index of the highest living expenses and accommodation costs. While the heritage of the city is breathtaking, the living expenses to are infamous to astonish everyone.


Why is New Delhi expensive?


New Delhi, too, is immensely populated, which makes its land hold great value. Many people flock daily to New Delhi in search of work opportunities, as the national capital of the country rarely disappoints anyone looking for opportunities in a career. Moreover, the city offers costly rentals, making it difficult for people to settle in rentals. Additionally, the daily costs and everyday necessities like vegetables, milk, bread, and more are rather expensive in the city than in others.


3. Bengaluru


The third-most costly city in India in Bengaluru. The Silicon Valley of India comes as an expensive city to lead a livelihood in.


Why is Bengaluru expensive?


Bengaluru is a whole world for people seeking jobs in the IT sector, and that is why Bengaluru attracts youngsters across the globe seeking opportunities in the sector. This makes the cost of accommodation touch the skies in the city.

4. Chennai


The cultural capital of India holds immense importance in the country due to its long heritage and deep-rooted traditions. However, it is also one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Why is Chennai expensive?


Chennai is not considered a very expensive city, but what makes it difficult to afford a life in the city is that huge amounts of people are shifting to the city, making prices of goods and property rise higher and higher with every passing day. 


5. Pune


The city of Pune is famous for its heritage and historical landmarks like the Kasba Ganpati temple, Shaniwar Wada, and the Lal Mahal. However, the city is becoming a little costly to afford a life in.


Why is Pune getting expensive?


The drastically increasing population is one of the major reasons. Moreover, the rentals are also expensive.

6. Kolkata


Last but not the least, a city which was once famous for its out-of-the-world colonial architecture and traditional food, is now becoming infamous for its high living costs.


What makes Kolkata expensive?


While Kolkata is often seen as one of the most affordable cities in the country, there has been an increase in construction inputs lately in the city. This, as a result, has hiked the prices in the city.

The Takeaway

While the above-mentioned 6 cities are getting costlier to survive in, the wonderful opportunities and life experiences offered by these cities are unmatchable. All the cities mentioned above are famous for something or the other. With all of them being developed cities in terms of the Gross Domestic Product, all the above-mentioned cities are contributing greatly to the country’s development.

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