Tips and Tricks to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Learn how to improve your Reading Comprehension Skills within a short span of time. Reading Comprehension Section is one of the most critical sections of competitive exams. Therefore, the students must frame a proper strategy to optimally utilize the limited time available for the preparation.


Reading Comprehension Section is one of the most critical sections of competitive exams. Therefore, the students should devote ample time in the preparation of this section. For doing this, a proper strategy has to be framed and followed to optimally utilize the limited time available for the preparation.


Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension skills cannot be build overnight but it could be developed inherently through a course of time. In order to crack the reading comprehension part and to develop reading skills, it is very much required to develop the habit of reading every day. The more you read and try to understand, it becomes much easier to understand the language and flow of information in the passage.


Reading Comprehension

Reading newspaper is a good option but just reading hard facts that happen every day cannot be up to the mark to develop your reading skills. So it is better to prefer feature stories, opinion pieces in editorials, business magazines, etc., can help you build your reading and comprehension skills quite faster.

As one gets accustomed with reading all of the above material, it is also important to practice reading passages or literature on a computer screen, as most of the exam these days are computer based online examination.


Reading Comprehension

To begin with, just read without paying attention to the words only if you are not very much comfortable with the language. Take a newspaper and read out moderately loud without understanding the meaning to boost your confidence if you lack it. Do this for a week and then you can start paying attention to the meaning. Opinions and feature articles can help you improve your vocabulary quickly. As you come against any new words note them down and their meaning with the help of a dictionary. Keep a pocket notepad to note down these words so that you can refer or revise it whenever possible. This is the best possible method to develop reading comprehension skills and vocabulary.

Developing a vocabulary skill of good standard is required from candidates because unfamiliarity with the meaning of certain words may cause them to struggle in understanding the crux and message of the passage.


Reading Comprehension

Practicing for reading comprehension doesn’t necessarily mean to stop your regular reading. As time advances you must raise your time dedicated for preparation.  As you advance well in your habit of regular reading, take mock reading comprehension test and try solving them.

When you get accustomed with reading new passages, then later you should try to pause in between reading passages and comprehend as to what the author wants to indicate by the usage of certain phrases or idioms; is there an implicit meaning in the author’s words; is the author trying to convey any impression; what is the tone or style of author in the passage; whether the author is stating facts or his/her own views, whether the author is taking sides or being biased, etc.

Learn to identify correct SYNONYMS of words


Reading Comprehension

1.    What could be the best possible title for the passage?
2.    What is the theme of the passage?
3.    What is the style/structure of the passage?

By the time you finish answering all these questions you would be able to answer mostly any form of question from the passage.

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