Tired after a long day? Here are some fun brain teasers for you!

Work can be torturous at times, but we have some exciting brain teasers for you to cheer you up!

Hello folks!!! Welcome back to the fun part of reading. We do not miss entertaining you with the daily dose of new tricky queries, to which you undoubtedly come out clean.

So, let’s get started –

Riddle 1

A new clothing store has a unique method of pricing items. A vest costs $20, a tie costs $15, a blouse costs $30, and underwear costs $45. How much would pants cost?

Riddle 2

81 x 9 = 801. What do you need to do to make this equation true?

Riddle 3

Zoey has a very big family. She has 20 aunts, 20 uncles, and 50 cousins. Each of her cousins has an aunt who is not Zoey’s aunt. How is this possible? 

Riddle 4

I go all around the world but never leave the corner. What am I?

Riddle 5

You’ll find me on Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, but not on Venus or Neptune. What am I?

Riddle 6

What can go up a chimney down, but can’t go down a chimney?

Riddle 7

I make a loud sound when I’m changing. When I do change, I get bigger but weigh less. What am I?

Riddle 8

A bus driver was heading down a busy street in the city. He went past three stop signs without stopping, went the wrong way down a one-way street, and answered a message on his phone. But the bus driver didn’t break any traffic laws. How? 

Riddle 9

It has keys, but no locks. It has space, but no room. You can enter, but can’t go inside. What is it?





Solved the riddles? Got all the answers? If not, we are here to help you out. Below are the answers to the riddles mentioned above. Go and match yours, hurry!!!

Answer to Riddle 1: $25. The pricing method charges $5 for each letter needed to spell the item.

Answer to Riddle 2: Turn it upside down. 108 = 6 x 18

Answer to Riddle 3: Their aunt is Zoey’s mom!

Answer to Riddle 4: A stamp

Answer to Riddle 5: The letter “R.”

Answer to Riddle 6: An umbrella. If your umbrella is “down,” it can fit through a chimney, but if it’s “up,” it won’t fit!

Answer to Riddle 7: Popcorn.

Answer to Riddle 8: He was walking, not driving

Answer to Riddle 9: A keyboard

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