Today in History, 4 December: What Happened on this Day

What happened today in history (4 December): Civil rights activist Fred Hampton shot dead by the FBI, China adopted its current constitution, iconic rockband Led Zeppelin disbanded, birth of American hip-hop star Jay Z, and more.
 This Day in History (4 Dec): Civil Rights Activist Fred Hampton Shot Dead By The FBI
This Day in History (4 Dec): Civil Rights Activist Fred Hampton Shot Dead By The FBI

Today in History: 2022 comes to an end in just a few days. Today is 4 December. On the surface, it’s just another December day, but did you know that December 4 holds a pivotal place in history? Many important events occurred on this day.

From the shocking encounter of African-American civil rights leader, Fred Hampton, which is now considered an assassination by the FBI, and the break up of one of the greatest rock bands to the birth of a controversial Spanish leader, 4 December is an important day in history.

Read on to know what happened on this day (Dec. 4) in sports, politics, art, famous birthdays, and deaths.

Historical Events Today

  • In 1534, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent occupied Baghdad.
  • In 1918, US President Woodrow Wilson sailed to France for the World War I peace talks at the Versailles Peace Conference, becoming the first American president to travel to Europe while in office.
  • In 1969, American civil rights leader and member of the nationalist organization Black Panthers, Fred Hampton was shot in killed in an FBI raid along with Mark Clark. The incident sparked protests against and investigations into the FBI’s powers.
  • In 1971, during the Indo-Pakistan War, the Indian Navy launched an attack on the Pakistan Navy and Karachi.
  • In 1982, the People’s Republic of China adopted its current constitution.
  • In 1991, Pan American World Airways, the largest airline in the US, ceased operations.
  • In 1992, President George H.W. Bush sent 28,000 US troops to Somalia during the Somali Civil War.
  • In 1996, the unmanned space vehicle Mars Pathfinder was launched by NASA from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to explore the surface of Mars.
  • In 2017, the US Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries.

Sports Events On This Day

  • In 1947, in the first cricket test match between the two countries, India was dismissed for 98 by Australia and lost by an inning and 226 runs.
  • In 1961, American boxing legend Floyd Patterson KO'd Tom McNeeley in the fourth round to win the heavyweight boxing title.
  • In 2007, Milan’s Brazilian midfielder Kaka was named the best footballer in the world after winning the Ballon d’Or. It was the first time players from clubs outside the UEFA federation were eligible for nomination.

Music & Cinema Events on December 4

  • In 1843, classical composer Robert Schumann's "Das Paradies und die Peri" premiered in Leipzig.
  • In 1956, an impromptu recording session by the "Million-Dollar Quartet" of singers - Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash took place in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • In 1980, the groundbreaking British rock band Led Zeppelin announced their breakup after the death of drummer John Bonham.

On This Day: Important Days in the World

  • National Cookie Day in the United States
  • Navy Day in India

Notable Deaths Today

Sr No

Death Year




Gregor MacGregor, Scottish soldier and trickster who pulled off one of the biggest scams in history by convincing thousands of people of a fictional utopian island in South America



Thomas Hunt Morgan, American evolutionary biologist, geneticist, and Nobel laureate known for his contributions to genetics



Fred Hampton, American civil rights activist, was killed in a raid by the FBI



Frank Zappa, American composer, guitarist and satirist who was active in the 1960s and ‘70s and was known for his improvisation and free-form singing



Shashi Kapoor, veteran Bollywood actor of films Deewaar and Suhaag

Famous Birthdays Today

Sr No

Birth Year




Thomas Carlyle, Scottish essayist and historian who wrote the book The French Revolution, covering the events of the historic revolution from 1774 to 1795



Francisco Franco, Spanish nationalist general who overthrew the democratic Second Republic in the Spanish Civil War and ruled Spain as a dictator until his death in 1975



Inder Kumar Gujral, Indian politician who served briefly as the prime minister of India from 1997 to 1998



Jeff Bridges, veteran American actor and Academy Award winner who starred in the films, The Big Lebowski and True Grit



Marissa Tomei, American actress known for her roles in My Cousin Vinny and Spider-Man: Homecoming



Jay Z, American rapper and entrepreneur who is currently the richest hip-hop artist in the world



Ajit Agarkar, Indian cricket all-rounder



South Korean singer and BTS member Kim Seok-jin

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