Today’s Wordle 425 Answer Is Quite Tricky! Check Hints, Clues, And Solution Here!

Today’s Wordle 425 is quite tricky but if you stay attentive, you can crack it. Remember, you have only 6 attempts, and you cannot miss out on these important hints, and super clues. We’ll also reveal the solution.
Wordle 425 Hints, Super Clue, and Solution
Wordle 425 Hints, Super Clue, and Solution

Wordle 425 Answer for August 18:  Wordle 425 comes with a quite simple solution, but if you do not go through the right hints and clues, you’ll miss your chance.


The game has become a top favorite choice for many to spend some relaxing moments amidst work pressure, while also enhancing one’s vocabulary. 


If solving the game without any hints makes you sweat bullets, we are here to help.


Wordle 425 comes with a really simple solution today, viz., on August 18th, 2022, but if you miss the hints or throw arrows in the dark, you’ll not get that word right.


Ready? Let’s Begin!

Wordle 425: Are These Hints Enough For You To Make The Right Guess?


Only folks with hidden, super strong manifestation powers or with the farsightedness of a seer must try solving Wordle without checking the hints.


Simply said, going forward without checking the hints might not help you crack that five-letter word for August 18th, 2022.


Why look elsewhere when Jagran Josh gives you 5 hints and one Super Clue to help you crack the word? 


Jumping in excitement? Read on



Hint 1: The 5-letter word has only 1 vowel. It is at the 3rd place in the word. Here, we are considering only 5 vowels, viz., “a”, “e”, “I”, “o” and “u”.


Come on... Make some guesses!



Hint 2: The word begins with a consonant and ends with G.


That’s a great hint! Do not place any vowel in the first box.


Hint 3: The word slightly rhymes with hang.


That’s what we call a hint!


Hint 4: The word is related to nasal speech or maybe your guitar strings.


A superb hint for people interested in music and sounds.


Hint 5: The word starts with the 20th alphabet of the English Alphabet.

Could you guess the right word? Well, if you could, bravo! 



If you couldn’t, then stop right there and do not miss your Wordle chances. Give a chance to the super clue below and check if you can guess the word!


Super Clue For You!

Wordle is a game that tricks even the smartest of minds. There are plenty of 5 letter words in the English language and guessing just the right one in just six chances is a bit of a fluke.


If you couldn’t guess the word yet, no worries! Here comes the Super Clue for you.


The Wordle 425 solution for August 18th, 2022, means “a strong ringing sound”. 


The Super Clue must have worked well to give a kick to your brain.


If you need to check your answer before hitting that “Enter” button on Wordle to prevent one of your chances from getting wasted, we have got you covered. 


Scroll down to find the right answer!


Wordle 425 Answer For August 18th, 2022:


The answer for today’s Wordle 425 is “TWANG”.

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