Top 10 Google’s Most Searched Movies in the World (2022)

2022 was a great year for cinema and revived the struggling film industry. Read on to know about the list of Google’s top 10 most searched movies in the world in 2022.
Top 10 Google’s Most Searched Movies in the World 2022
Top 10 Google’s Most Searched Movies in the World 2022

Google's Year In Search 2022:  After almost two years of isolation, 2022 came with a bang and brought with it some major blockbuster films like Top Gun: Maverick and Brahmastra: Part One - Shiva. Movies released in 2022 revived the struggling film industries around the world while also giving fans a delightful theatrical experience.

2022 was a great year for streaming movies as well, but surprisingly, no streaming-exclusive movies made it to Google’s list of most searched movies in 2022. However, two Indian movies made it to the list, displaying the growing influence of Indian cinema in the world.

List of Top 10 Google’s Most Searched Movies in the World in Year 2022

1. Thor: Love and Thunder

Director: Taika Waititi

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Tessa Thompson

Thor: Love and Thunder was one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 and made Thor the first MCU character to receive a fourth solo film. Fans were also looking forward to former Batman star and Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale’s villainous turn as Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder finds the titular character, played by Chris Hemsworth, at a crossroads in his life as he gives up fighting and embarks on a journey to find inner peace. However, the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, ex-hammer, and a maniacal killer interrupts Thor's retirement.

Thor: Love and Thunder attempted to recapture the magic of its beloved predecessor Thor: Ragnarok with its goofy and comedic tone but unfortunately, it fell flat on the viewers this time around. The film grossed $760 million worldwide and received mixed-to-positive reviews from both critics and fans.

2. Black Adam

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Shahi

Dwayne Johnson declared that the hierarchy of the DC Universe was about to change in the build-up to Black Adam’s release. Black Adam centers on the titular DC Comics character, who is neither a hero nor a villain. Black Adam was the champion of the ancient city of Kahndaq but was imprisoned after getting corrupt. He wakes up 5,000 years later to deliver his brand of brutal justice.

While Black Adam itself wasn’t a big success at the box office or a hit with the critics, fans loved Johnson’s violent antihero. Also, Black Adam officially brought back fan favourite Henry Cavill as Superman for another stint in the DC Universe.

3. Top Gun: Maverick

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Cast: Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer

The biggest movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick, became the second movie to cross the coveted $1 billion mark at the box office. Released 36 years after the 1986 original, Top Gun: Maverick was a risky move, but it’s hard to bet against Tom Cruise flying fighter planes.

Top Gun: Maverick has made nearly $1.5 billion worldwide thanks to its spectacular aerial sequences and a nostalgia-filled storyline that appealed to both newcomers and fans of the original Top Gun.

Top Gun: Maverick follows Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell as he trains a new generation of aviators to lead a dangerous mission in hostile territory while confronting the ghosts of his own past.

4. The Batman

Director: Matt Reeves

Cast: Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Colin Farrell

The Batman was a surefire success from the moment it was announced. Twilight star Robert Pattinson donned the iconic cape and cowl, succeeding Ben Affleck in and as The Batman. Matt Reeves directed The Batman, and unlike the previous iterations of the character, The Batman is much more noirish and gritty.

The film grossed $778 million worldwide and was a huge hit on streaming platforms as well. The Batman also made it to several year-end "Best Movies" lists and received praise from fans, even the ones that doubted Pattinson’s acting chops.

5. Encanto

Director: Byron Howard, Jared Bush

Cast: Stephanie Beatriz, Wilmer Valderrama, Sarah-Nicole Robles, John Leguizamo, Alan Tudyk

Encanto marked another successful Walt Disney Animation Studios venture that won the hearts of both kids and adults. Although released in 2021, Encanto continued to lead searches in 2022 as well. Encanto follows a multigenerational Colombian family that is blessed with magical gifts that they use to serve the community called Encanto.

Encanto didn’t exactly light the box office on fire but did earn rave reviews and three Academy Award nominations. It became a commercial success on Disney+, with fans loving its diverse characters, music, and heartfelt story.

6. Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva

Director: Ayan Mukerjee

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy

Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva was marred with controversy before release but proved all the naysayers wrong with its exciting worldbuilding and visual effects. It grossed over ₹400 crores at the box office. Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva, as the name suggests, was only the first of a trilogy. And judging by the positive reception to the film, the two sequels will be even more anticipated by the fans.

7. Jurassic World Dominion

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, Sam Neill

Jurassic World Dominion was billed as the final chapter of the Jurassic World saga and ended the beloved franchise on a high. Jurassic World Dominion follows the events of 2018’s Fallen Kingdom, which let loose dinosaurs in the world. Jurassic World Dominion made over a billion dollars at the box office, just like its two predecessors. Jurassic World Dominion was panned by the critics, but fans appreciated the team-up of the old and new generations of characters.

8. K.G.F: Chapter 2

Director: Prashanth Neel

Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon

K.G.F: Chapter 2 marked another win for the flourishing South Indian film industry and put Kannada cinema on the map. Full of machismo, action, and epic drama, K.G.F: Chapter 2 claimed the spot as the highest-grossing Indian movie of 2022 with a global haul of over ₹1200 crore. K.G.F: Chapter 2 continues the story of Rocky from K.G.F: Chapter 1 as he takes control of the Kolar Gold Fields but has to deal with new enemies.

9. Uncharted

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Cast: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Taylor Ali, Antonio Banderas

Uncharted came out in early 2022, just months after the release of the biggest movie of the pandemic era, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Uncharted starred Tom Holland in another leading role, and the film was a hit with the fans. Uncharted is an adaptation of the popular PlayStation game of the same name and follows two treasure hunters as they overcome all odds to recover a 500-year-old fortune.

Uncharted was criticised for deviating from the PlayStation game it adapted, but otherwise, it was a fun action-adventure blockbuster that sealed Tom Holland’s name as Hollywood’s next big star.

10. Morbius

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Cast: Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Michael Keaton, Tyrese Gibson

Morbius was also the most-memed movie of 2022, apart from being one of the most searched. Starring Jared Leto in the lead as Spider-Man villain Dr. Michael Morbius, the film follows the titular antihero as he tries to cure his rare blood disorder but gains vampiric powers in the process.

Morbius was Sony and Marvel’s attempt at growing their Spider-Man universe. Unfortunately, the film bombed at the box office and garnered brutal reviews from viewers and critics. Morbius has been declared one of the worst comic book movies ever. However, Morbius turned out to be one of those so-bad-it's-actually-good movies. It has gained a cult status.

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