Until Tomorrow: Here's All You Need To Know About The Viral Instagram Challenge

Are you also seeing 'until tomorrow' all over your Instagram but unable to figure out what exactly it means? If yes, read the article below and find out yourself about the viral trend.
Created On: Mar 27, 2020 19:31 IST
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Until Tomorrow Challenge
Until Tomorrow Challenge

Amid the chaos of coronavirus, people are staying at home and practising social distancing, fun challenges are going viral to make the quarantine period bearable as well as memorable. Many people scroll social media to pass their time during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are amongst them, you might have come across the ‘until tomorrow’ Instagram challenge. But, many people are not aware of this challenge and are confused about why the challenge is going viral. Are you also curious about the viral ‘until tomorrow’ challenge? If yes, read the article below and find out yourself. 

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What is 'until tomorrow' challenge?

‘Until tomorrow’ is an Instagram challenge where users post their embarrassing, unflattering, funny photographs on their main Instagram account for 24 hours either with ‘until tomorrow’ caption or with #untiltomorrow. If someone likes the post, the person who posted it will send a direct message to the one who liked the post instructing about the challenge. 

Here’s a step-wise procedure on until tomorrow challenge: 

1- Post an embarrassing, unflattering, funny photograph or series of photos either with ‘until tomorrow’ caption or with #untiltomorrow on your main account. 

2- Leave the post for 24 hours on your account. 

3- Note down the names of the people who liked your post and delete your photograph. 

4- Now send this direct message to everyone who liked your post, “So....you liked my post so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself, for the caption you're ONLY allowed to write 'until tomorrow' and you can only tag me."

The people have reacted to the trend, but they refused to take part in it. Many took part but didn’t tag anyone. It doesn’t stop over here, many memes are now going viral on ‘until tomorrow’ challenge. 

Apart from this, many other Instagram challenges are going viral such as #see10do10 (pushup challenge) where a user must record a video of doing 10 pushups and then tag many friends to take up the challenge. 

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