What happens on internet in 1 minute

Today we are living in the era of social media. The population of the world has crossed 7.47 billion out of which 4.9 billion have mobile phones. A huge $751522 is spent on online shopping in a minute. This article is showing some very interesting facts about the activities occurring in a minute on internet.
What happens on internet in 1 minute
What happens on internet in 1 minute

Today we are living in the world of Information Technology revolution. Now the information of every field of the world is accessible only on a small but smart mobile phone.
The total population of the world reached 7.47 billion in 2017 and internet has 3.77 billion users in the world. You would be surprised to know that 4.9 billion peoples in the world have mobile phones .This article is based on the activities occurred on internet in a single minute.

internet in a minute
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1. There are 90000 logins done in facebook every minute.
2. A huge 16 million text messages are sent every minute on whatsapp.
3. There are 4.1 million videos viewed on YouTube every minute.
4. There are 3.42 lacs apps downloaded through Google play store in a minute.
5.  There are 43000 post uploaded on Instagram every minute.
6. There are 4.52 lacs tweets sent on twitter every minute.
7. There are 9.90 lacs swipes sent on tinder in a minute.
8. 156 million emails sent through different domains every minute.
9. 120 accounts are created on linked-In every minute.
10. There are 15000 GIFs are sent via messenger in a minute.
11. A huge $751522 is spent on online shopping in a minute.
12. There are 3.5 million queries are searched on Google in a minute.
13. Netflix has been watched for 70,017 minutes in a minute.
14. There are 1.8 million snaps are created every minute in the whole world.
Like the above data, let's have a look on the activities occured on the facebook in a minute:
In 1 minute of Facebook, 100,000 friends requests sent, 2.43 lacs pictures are uploaded by users, 13,888 apps are installed, 3,298,611 items are shared, 50,000 links are posted and 1.52 crore like and share buttons are viewed on other websites.
So from the above data you must get the idea that how fast the internet is spreading its wings among the all citizens of the world.

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