What is Banana Grit? Know its uses, benefits and significance here

Recently CSIR- National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Pappanamcode, Kerala came up with a new variety of food called the Banana Grit. Know all about the product here and the uses along with its benefits.
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What is Banana Grit?
What is Banana Grit?

Why in News?

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Pappanamcode have developed a new product, Banana Grit or Granules. It is developed from Nendran bananas which are raw in nature.

As per the NSIT, “The concept was introduced to utilise the presence of resistant starch in bananas, which is reported to improve gut health. Hence, the dishes prepared with Banana Grit and its byproduct banana powder incline to the new focus on gut health, which the scientific community is widely discussing now to maintain health and well-being.”

About Banana Grit:

It has been produced after years of research on the Nendran variety of Banana helping it to open up a new segment of application for banana rich in starch. The concept is to utilize the resistant starch of the banana to its maximum strength. 

This technology is transferred to the company Moza Organic, based in Kochi and the product would reach the market soon.

Uses of Banana Grit:

  1. Nendran bananas are often consumed when they are ripe and they find usage Malayali dishes of Kerala dishes like ‘avial’ and ‘thoran’
  2. The grit can also be used for making South Indian dish, ‘upma’.
  3. It can be mixed with banana powder to make porridge using plain or coconut milk which is also a popular health drink. 
  4. Banana powder is famously used in Banana bread preparation.

Benefits of Banana Grit

  1. It is good for the health-conscious public 
  2. It is beneficial for the banana farmers who were worried about the falling prices.
  3. Banana Grit can be used for making a great variety of dishes
  4. Banana grit bears great resemblance to Rava (Hindi for semolina or crushed wheat) and broken wheat too
  5. Banana Grit and its byproduct can be used to improve gut health as it utilises the resistant starch of the banana.

What are Nendran Bananas?

Changalikodan Nendran Banana is also called as Changalikodan. It is a banana variety that originated in Chengazhikodu village of Thrissur District in Kerala. These are now cultivated on the banks of the Bharathapuzha river also. 

Nendran bananas are planted in October and are grown organically which is the reason for its unusual yellow colour and texture. The Chengalikodan/ Nendran banana got Geographical indication (GI) tag in 2014.

What is Starch?

Starch, also known as amylum, is a polymeric carbohydrate built up from numerous glucose molecules attached via glycosidic bonds.

It is thus a polysaccharide that is produced by most green plants to store energy. Being the most common carbohydrate of the human diet, starch is abundantly found in staple foods like potatoes, maize, rice, wheat and cassava. Also Read| Know all about Khazan Farming here

GK Questions for January 6, 2021


Is banana grit fat-free?

Bananas do not have fat in them. They are rich in carbohydrates. Banana Grit utilises the resistant starch, thus is good for health.

What dishes can be prepared using Banana grit?

Some famous dishes of Kerala like ‘avial’ and ‘thoran’ or also upma can be prepared using banana grit. It is like rava or wheat granules.

Which variety of Bananas are used to prepare Banana Grit?

Nendran Bananas, a variety famous in Kerala are used to prepare banana grit.

Who came out with Banana Grit?

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Pappanamcode have developed a new product, Banana Grit or Granules.
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