What is Checkpoint Tipline by WhatsApp and its Significance?

Do you know about Checkpoint Tipline unveiled by WhatsApp? What are its key features and significance of Tipline? Let us study through this article.
Apr 4, 2019 17:52 IST
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What is Checkpoint Tipline by WhatsApp
What is Checkpoint Tipline by WhatsApp

As we know that fake news and rumours through social media is increasing day by day. These sometimes affect emotion and also give wrong information to the people. To stop all these things WhatsApp unveiled a brand new initiative known as Checkpoint Tipline. It will help people to verify if any wrong information they receive is true or false. Therefore, through this feature people will be able to check the authenticity of information that they receive via message to curb the fake news for the upcoming general election in the country.

Who has launched Checkpoint Tipline feature?

It is launched by PROTO which is an India-based media skilling sartup and basically the tipline is aimed at creating a database of rumours. The main idea is to study misinformation that spread during elections. This project is a research based which is commissioned and technically assisted by WhatsApp.

Now, question arises that where misinformation is to be submitted?

In India, people can submit misinformation or rumours they receive to the 'Checkpoint Tipline' on WhatsApp +91-9643-000-888.

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How this feature will work?

- The users of WhatsApp can submit the received information through the messaging platform and send it to the 'Tipline' on WhatsApp (+91-9643-000-888).

- After receiving the information, PROTO's verification centre will seek to respond and inform the user if the information received is verified or not.

- The verification centre's response will indicate if information is classified as true, false, misleading, disputed or out of scope and include any other information that is available.

- In fact the verification centre, will be able to review rumours in the form of pictures, video links or text. Let us tell you that it will also cover four other regional languages apart from English those are Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam.

Here, it is important to note that PROTO will work with the organisations at grassroot-level to submit misinformation circulating across different regions during the election period.
Do you know when more data will flow then it will be easier to identify the most susceptible or affected information, locations, languages, regions etc.

Importance or Significance of Checkpoint Tipline by WhatsApp

- As, during election period, it is seen that several misinformation via message is forwarded which creates nuisance among people, but this is not the first time that at global level platform is trying to filter the barrage of information exchanged by the users. Now, the company is taking steps to curb this in upcoming 2019 elections in India.

- Several efforts are being taken to curb fake news including the five-forward limit, social campaigns and the latest a 'Tipline' for misinformation.

- With this project, PROTO also plans to submit learnings to the International Centre for Journalists to help other organisations learn from the design and operations of this project.

Not only this WhatsApp has been putting advertisements in newspapers as well as running television and radio campaigns, offering methods on how to curb misinformation.

So, now we understood that ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ is a feature launched by PROTO an India based skilling start up to stop the flow of misinformation among the users through message via WhatsApp for the upcoming Lok Sabha 2019 elections in India. This is a research project commissioned and technically assisted by WhatsApp.

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