What is meant by “the golden hour” after an accident? Let us know here!

Recently, what happened with Rishabh Pant has become a big affair. The people who had provided a helping hand to the cricketer after the accident in the “golden hour” are said to be honored. Here’s what the term “golden hour” means.
What is meant by 'Golden Hour' after an accident?
What is meant by 'Golden Hour' after an accident?

Every accident holds the possibility to cause damages that may have a long-lasting or even life-long impact. What can prevent severe damage or a decline in their intensity is help given at the right time. 


Yes. Help at the right time can act like a miracle to reduce the adverse impacts of damage. Accidents are an inevitable part of life, but the right support at the right time can make the situation easier to tackle.


Every traumatic accident, injury, or fall is followed by “a golden hour”, which is actually an essential period during which necessary and immediate medical attention can enhance the possibility of survival for the victim.


The golden hour is referred to as the very first hour following a traumatic accident. It is rightly said that almost all accident cases leading to fatalities can actually be averted. Yes, you read it right. This miracle can happen in cases when the victim is offered professional medical attention in the golden hour following the accident. Right help in the golden hour increases the possibility of survival in multi-folds.

During the very first ho following the traumatic event, the aim is to stop bleeding, ask for help and arrange for an ambulance in order to take the patient to the nearest medical center, and help the victim breathe.


Things one can do in the “Golden Hour” to better handle the crisis:


  • Make sure you yourself are safe


One cannot handle a situation of crisis when the danger is still present. The intent to save a person is a noble one, but sometimes, stepping into danger can add to it. Before taking any steps, first, ensure that you are safe in the first place. Risk of fire, fuel spillage, or other possible dangers could lead to additional casualties.

  • Make a decision


Check if the victim is in a conscious or unconscious state, evaluate the condition of the victim, arrange for help, and make the right decision. Looking at a severe accident could be a numbing situation, but summoning the courage to make the right decision is the best one can do. In such a situation, try contacting emergency services. While informing them about the case, be very clear about the situation, state the number of victims, the situation of the patient, the right location and relevant landmarks, and other important details clearly.


  • Shift the patient to a secure place


You can’t help someone while still being there in the danger zone. Shift the patient to a safe place, probably by the roadside.

  • Avoid panicking


It is a natural tendency to panic in an emergency situation, but one must try to calm one’s nerves. Panic can lead to hasty and wrong decisions. An emergency situation demands a calm mind.


  • See if you can stop bleeding

If excessive blood loss is prevented in the golden hour, the chances of survival increase dramatically. In case the patient is bleeding profusely, tightly wrap the bleeding body part in a way that the bleeding stops. For the same purpose, make use of a clean cloth.


  • See if you can loosen the tight clothing of the victim


In certain situations, the victim may struggle with bleeding. In such a situation, the best technique is to loosen the tight clothing of the victim. This would allow the patient to breathe comfortably. Additionally, avoid surrounding the victim and make space for fresh air to enter.


  • Do not offer anything to eat or drink

In case the victim is unconscious or semi-conscious, avoid offering water or food to the victim. This is because any edibles in such a situation could lead to choking.


In case the victim is unconscious, a small amount of water may work if the victim feels like consuming it. It is important to note that water should not be given to the victim if s/he is lying down. Make the victim sit comfortably before consuming water as it reduces the chances of choking.


  • Make sure to cover the wound


The wound should be covered properly with a clean cloth. Make sure you cover the wound of the patient tightly in a fracture-like situation. Try to immobilize the body part. One can do this by tying it with a hard material like a wooden stick that is easily available at the moment.


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  • Keep the victim warm

After traumatic situations, the blood pressure may drop. To avoid the situation, try to cover the patient, and rub his feet and hands. Keeping the patient warm may help with blood pressure.

Why is the “golden hour” important?


The golden hour is known as the “golden” hour for a reason. One does not need to be a doctor to save lives; helping people at the right time after an accident is equally noble. The key is to keep our senses open to help and stay mindful in such situations. Remember, a helping hand at the right time can truly prove to be “golden” for someone.


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