What is Neuralink? All about Elon Musk's new technology and it's uses

Know all about Neuralink, the technology, the company and the device in the article listed below. It is the brain child of Elon Musk.
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Neuralink: Why in News?

There has been a video viral on the internet recently that shows a monkey playing video games using his own logic. This has been achieved by Neuralink. The company belongs to Elon Musk. 

Neuralink: Details

  1. It is an organization that makes a gadget Neuralink which is based on the technology Neuralink. 
  2. The company belongs to Elon Musk. 
  3. In the video shared by Neuralink, a monkey was shown playing ping pong on a computer screen using his own logic. Musk told that this technology of neuralink can be used on humans by the end of the year. If they are successful, this can be useful in diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 

Neuralink: The Process

  1. Neuralink is a gadget that would be surgically implanted in the brain of any person in need of it. 
  2. The process and technique of robotics would be used by neurosurgeons. 
  3. The process would involve a chipset called the link to be implanted in the skull.
  4. It would have a number of wires connected from electrodes that are used in the process. 
  5. various insulated wires connected from the electrodes are used in the process 
  6. This device can also be used to operate smartphones and computers without the need to touch them. 
  7. The device would also be useful for operating smartphones and computers without touching them

Working of Neuralink:

  1. Neuralink works in a way our brain does. So in order to understand its working one must know how a human brain works. 
  2. The signals in the brain are transmitted through neurons. The signals are transmitted to all muscles, glands and all parts of the body. 
  3. Each neuron consists of axon, dendrites and soma. 
  4. The signals are received through dendrites and they are processed by the soma. The chemicals are then sent to another neuron and the dendrite causing the flow of current across them. 
  5. The electrodes in Neuralink would be reading the electric signals produced by various neurons and performing the action. 
  6. This is the reason that the device is put directly in the brain as placing it outside would yield no results. 


Benefits of Neuralink:

  1. It can be used to operate encephalopathy.
  2. It could also be used as a connection between the technology and humans. 
  3. The people with paralysis may benefit by easily operating their phones directly through their brains. 
  4. It can also be used to draw pictures, take photographs etc. 
  5. This technology can be a breakthrough for various neuro disease patients and also brain disorders. 

The world would be greatly ordered in case Elon Musk succeeds in this venture. Many patients hit by paralysis have also reached out to him asking him to use them as a subject of his study but Musk insists on first using it on monkeys. 

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Who is the owner of Neuralink?

Elon Musk owns a company named Neuralink, with the technology Neuralink and the product name Neuralink.

Can Neuralink cure blindness?

Neuralink is not yet prepared to cure blindness but scientists are preparing to cure blindness through implantation of bionic eye in the brain

What are the dangers posed by Neuralink?

The dangers Neuralink currently is facing is of being hacked, spammed or facing any malicious attacks.

What does Neuralink do?

The chip which is called the Link connects the brain to the digital world using a smart phone
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